Battleground 2015 Predictions (July 18)


Oddly enough, this event was difficult to predict. Every match can go either way, and that’s a good sign the WWE has properly booked each feud. Since the IC title match has been canceled, there were only 5 contests to look over, but even then it wasn’t as easy.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

I hope this is the first match on the card. If it were up to me, I’d have it on the pre-show. At first I thought no man could be pinned clean for this feud, but with some more thought, I believe Randy Orton goes over clean. Sheamus is a superstar that can take the loss, and they’ll need Orton to look strong heading into his next feud.

The Primetime Players vs The New Day

At the last PPV I was confident that the New Day would retain, but now I’m confident they’ll win back the tag titles. The PTP received a solid run, but the company benefits by having the New Day as their champs, just because they’re much more entertaining. Obviously they won’t win clean, but expect them to pick up pin.

John Cena vs Kevin Owens

I don’t believe this will be their last encounter. In fact I’m starting to think this program might extend into August and finishing at Summerslam. Consider this, Owens is wrestling Balor the night before Summerslam in a rematch for the NXT title. If Owens walks into the match as the US champ, it wouldn’t look great if he lost. Keeping that in mind, I predict Cena wins, but with some help. Don’t be shocked if Cesaro of Rusev somehow cost KO this contest. This way they can be inserted into the feud, and Owens can have his big moment at Summerslam.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

I honestly feel this feud has made both men look strong. Every week we’ve received a decent back and forth along with consistent build. Since the WWE is currently rehabbing Roman’s character, I predict he’ll pick up the clean win. While Cena-Owens and Lesnar-Rollins are expected to steal the show, expect this match to be a dark horse candidate. The eater of worlds will put up a great show and will not look weak in his defeat. By losing at this show, Wyatt will most likely have a large win at Summerslam .Also, Reigns has a lot to prove in this 1-on-1 contest.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Out of all the matches on this card, this one was extremely difficult to predict. I’m still not sure if my prediction is even close to accurate. With all of the news of Taker returning, we could be in for a massive swerve. Assuming the Deadman won’t make an appearance on this show, I predict that Seth Rollins pins Brock Lesnar clean. I feel that the WWE knows that fans are expecting a swerve and because of this, they’ll just give us a simple ending. I have absolutely no issue with this, as I think it’s essential for them to build Seth as a credible champion.


The WWE can simply swerve the fans on just about every prediction I made, which shows how exciting this show will be. If they follow my pattern, they’ll have enough clean finishes along with distraction finishes. Overall, I’m predicting this will act as a great setup for Summerslam

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