Thursday Throw Down – Undertaker Returning? (July 16)


Dave Meltzer has just confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Undertaker and Sting will be present for WWE’s August PPV, Summerslam. If you haven’t yet seen the picture of the Undertaker working out recently, some are saying he might be training for Battleground.

Many of us have wondered how the WWE would book the finish for Battleground, and now there’s a possibility that Taker might be involved. I feel this would give them a way to keep Brock Lesnar looking strong while keeping the title on Seth Rollins. Having the Deadman interfere would be a solid setup for a highly anticipated rematch. Although, would this make Brock a heel? Seems to me it would be a tough program to setup, because of how over Lesnar is as a babyface.

If they can leave Taker out of the main event for Sunday, there is a high chance of him wrestling Sting at Summerslam. If they’re going to execute that, now would be the time. Neither of them are getting younger and it’s better to have it for Summerslam than Wrestlemania. In case their match isn’t a wrestling masterpiece, at least it didn’t happen on the grandest stage of them all. The WWE can then proudly say they’ve booked one of the largest dream matches in pro wrestling history.

Either way, I find this to be exciting news for all wrestling fans. Part of the fun is always speculating how returning stars will be used, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on Taker and Sting returning.

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