On to the NXT One – Forgotten Ones Edition (July 16)


Normally most fans watch NXT to see what will happen next with wrestlers such as Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Tyler Breeze, Sasha Banks, etc. But this episode gave us an opportunity to look forward to some of the lesser known talents. All of this with the addition of an excellent main event made for a fun Wednesday night.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs Elias Samson & Steve Cutler

After weeks of buildup, I was surprisingly excited to see Jordan and Gable team up. It was done in such a subtle way. During the early parts of the match, their chemistry as partners was evident. I don’t mean their double team maneuvers, but their characters meshed. These two worked so well together, I think that they might have something special. If handled properly, we can see these two competing for the tag titles before the end of the year.

Samoa Joe vs Axel Tisher

For about a week, I completely forgot that Samoa Joe was part of the NXT roster. His presence became quiet very fast. I didn’t think there was anything great about this, but I was glad they showcased Joe. If anything, I was shocked that Tisher was able to get in any sort of offense. I hope they can give Joe something before August, at least that way he’ll have a program for Takeover.

Baron Corbin Heel Turn Video

I was completely stunned, I can’t say I saw this coming. When the video first started, I thought Corbin was going to talk about his life, but instead he swerved the audience with a cocky attitude. I actually enjoyed this and I think it will be a great way for his to grow.

Eva Marie Promo

I hope Eva is somewhat decent in the ring, because her promos sound too monotone. Maybe before putting her on TV, they should get her an acting coach. While it was bad, she still had my attention, purely because they’ve done such a solid job at building up her debut.

Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton vs Blake & Murphy

I’m starting to notice that Blake & Murphy need some credible names to wrestle for them to come across as entertaining. They may be decent in the ring, but other than putting Alexa Bliss with them, they’ve given me nothing to care about. Instead of having them squash jobber tag teams, they should be given some more backstage segments to build a personality and character motive. It was evident before, but it didn’t come across this bad when they were feuding with the Lucha Dragons and Enzo & Cass. Bliss is the only one here that carries any star power. Even the spot of the match was her sparkle splash.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

Since I watched a clip on Smackdown (Canada gets it on Wednesday) before watching NXT, I already knew the outcome of this match, and I upset that I spoiled it for myself. These two started off where they left their last match. Everything was fluid and it reminded me that the main roster is lucky to have them onboard. Their intensity level was high for the entire bout. Sasha’s double knee seems to look better every time she executes it, and it was quite crisp here. Both competitors delivered last night, but I felt the champ specifically was the stand out. The spot of the match went to Charlotte’s powerbomb, because it was an impressive display of her strength. Even though the two haven’t properly feuded since February, they were able to showcase their dislike for one another. While they do an awesome job at playing face and heel, it was touching to see them shake hands and hug it out once everything was over. Their respect for each other is enough to get any audience member emotional. Overall, brilliant match, and smart move to have it finish clean.


With the absence of most top stars, this show was meant to build the wrestlers we don’t think of that much. This also includes Samoa Joe. That doesn’t mean it was a bad episode, in fact I enjoyed most of it. Just about every aspect of the show had me hooked, even Eva Marie’s promo .The low point of the show was definitely Blake & Murphy’s match while the high point was the main event. I felt the Sasha-Charlotte match is what made this show. Overall, I give this edition of NXT a 7.5/10.

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