Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Stephanie McMahon Needs to Modify Her Character (July 15)


For as long as I can remember, top heels in pro wrestling always hold a special place, and they don’t often get told off. When they finally receive their comeuppance, it’s usually from the top face, and only the top face. I’m not referring to Stephanie McMahon as the top heel, but the person that enjoys humiliating them for no reason. By no means do I plan on bashing the promo and acting ability of McMahon, but instead I would to discuss her terrible timing with her character. After last night’s initial interaction with the Divas Champion, Nikki Bella, I truly felt the need to write about this and share it with others.

I’m not sure if anybody in the company notices, or maybe the creative team is too scared to tell her, but Stephanie’s character is gaining a reputation of disparaging top heels in the company (not in a good way). When her and Triple H first turned heel, she would do it Orton, then moved on to Kane and Seth Rollins. I thought this would come to a halt once Rollins became champion, but she then found her opportunities to belittle the undisputed top heel of the company. I don’t understand the need for this. Seth needs to be presented in a way in which only his in ring opponents can make him look foolish, not his boss .In November 2014 she had a run in with Lana, where she made the ravishing Russian’s character look worthless. This was at a time where the audience needed to know that nobody can threaten Rusev and Lana. As a fan and person of the WWE audience, I’d like to believe that all top end villains are just as unstoppable as their babyface counterparts, and the only difference being their good/evil characteristics. Steph’s character should be more focused on encouraging these heels, because she’s on the same side as them. Which is why her interaction with Nikki made no sense. A year ago, the current Divas Champion helped her boss win a match against Brie Bella. After this, Nikki was rewarded, by Stephanie, with a championship match. Why did McMahon feel the need to degrade her last night? In kayfabe sense, Nikki’s alignment with the Authority has put her in her current position. If anything, her and Bella should have a solid relationship .From what I can remember, Vince and Hunter have always made their top allied heel wrestlers look good, and hardly ever insulted them. Just look at how Rollins is treated by Hunter, or how Vince showed respect to the wrestlers he managed during the Attitude Era.

Normally when the authority figure in pro wrestling is a male, the audience can look forward to seeing this person take a some sort of physical beating. When dealing with a female authority figure, there needs to be other ways to generate crowd satisfaction. The last time Stephanie received any sort of on screen humiliation was when Vicky threw her in a pool of pudding. Before and after that, I can’t even remember the last time her character was put in her place. She did have a small altercation with Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania, but that hardly counts considering how celebrity guests are always showcased in a grand manner. Is there a purpose to her character if she’s just there to scream and shout at talent without receiving anything in return? If she wants to be a top heel on the show, she should be granted the same characteristics as other top heels. Even when Hunter was the main authority figure, he would take his share of beatings and humiliation. I don’t even have to mention what Vince would put himself through. I don’t think Steph’s heel character is at the point where she’s reached a level higher than either Vince or Hunter.

There’s a very simple way to fix all of this, just have Stephanie McMahon’s character calm down. Hopefully one of these days she’ll realize that she doesn’t always need to have the last word when it comes to interacting with the people she employs. At the end of the day, she’s still talented on the mic, and carries a certain aura. If she can just receive her comeuppance on every now and then, I believe her villainous character would resonate with the audience more often. 

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Stephanie McMahon Needs to Modify Her Character (July 15)

  1. I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said. But Stephanie is legit arrogant and too self-centered: that’s why, unlike HHH (who is also self-centered but to a limit), she keeps on making herself look good and always intends to put herself over instead of Superstars and Divas. Just look at her interaction with the Rock and Ronda Rousey at WM31 – she practically did all the talking! Unfortunately, not to lose its partners, WWE wants to keep it PG by never having men intentionally hit women. And she sure as hell takes advantage too often of that PG factor to try and look dominant and untouchable. Just to feel good avout herself. That proves she’s just as insecure as her father (perhaps even more).
    Let’s list the few times Stephanie truly got her rightful comeuppance (big or small) in 2 full years since the birth of the Authority after Summerslam 2013:
    – Being insulted and being told to shut her mouth by the Big Show after she fired him ;
    – Getting inadvertently knocked out by Randy Orton before TLC 2013 (the promo with John Cena and everybody else in the ring) ;
    – Getting absolutely pissed off by the fans when they occupied Raw with Daniel Bryan ;
    – Being insulted by Batista (before she angrily slapped his glasses off… and then got out of the ring)
    – Getting taken down with the rest of the Authority by a Suicide Dive by Bryan at WM30 (the closest we’ll ever see of a male top face intentionally giving Steph physical retribution, but still not a targeted physical payback) ;
    – Being called a bitch, and then getting bitch-slapped by Brie Bella (FINALLY true comeuppance) ;
    – Being put into police custody for slapping Brie… in the state of Florida (YES) ;
    – Drinking coffee that was poisoned by Roman Reigns ;
    – Being thrown by Vickie Guerrero into a pool of crap ;
    – Getting inadvertently (again) taken down at Survivor Series, and getting fired when Team Authority lost.
    – Being insulted by the Rock and getting her arm almost broken by Ronda Rousey at WM31
    This looks like a lot, but it’s still far from being as much as Triple H’s received comeuppances. Every other time, she completely no-sold every insult or threat. And that’s VERY frustrating, in the long term.


    1. 100% agree. And even the moments you listed never affected her character in the long term, because some how she’d still go over. I think having Hunter as the sole Authority figure on TV would be received much better by fans. The biggest problem you stated was how she assaults male talent by slapping them. It works on some occasions, but it shouldn’t happen that often.


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