On to the NXT One – 3 Match Wonder Edition (July 9)


If you watched NXT, you’ll know this edition of On to the NXT One will be my shortest. Since I watched the Beast in the East special on Saturday, and reported on it, I chose not to include the Balor vs Owens match in this article. While that match did take up a lot of time, the other bouts were booked perfectly to progress story lines in a big way. Short show, but it packed a punch.

Dana Brooke & Emma vs Sasha Banks & Charlotte

Say what you want about Dana, but I find her promo skills rather sharp for someone that just started wrestling. I thought Charlotte coming out to help Sasha in this match was a moment worth smiling for. Finally their long time feud has come full circle. At first I thought Banks and Flair would make their opponents look like jobbers, but I’m glad they didn’t. By giving Dana and Emma a decent run in this contest, they came across as much more threatening. This turned out to be quite the opening match, and it was a great reminder that Sasha is still on top of the women’s division. The spot of the match was definitely when Banks and Charlotte had their submissions locked in at the same time. Overall, solid match, and excellent way of setting up a match for next week.

If everything is set up right the match between Charlotte and Sasha can be a loser leaves NXT match. This would perfectly align with the current divas program on the main roster as one of these women (most likely Charlotte) can make their way up to help Paige. With a spot open in NXT, the women there would be competing more heavily to stand out.

Marcus Louis vs Solomon Crowe

Once the other top NXT performers take the jump to the main roster, they’ll need others to fill their shoes. I believe Crowe has potential to fill one of those spots. He’s solid on the mic, and pretty good in the ring. I hope he can use this time to prove himself. Marcus Louis didn’t interest me in this match, but the commentators many insults towards him were rather funny. Overall, decent bout, and good reason to give Crowe some exposure.

The Vaudevillians vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

I enjoyed the normal schtick from Enzo and Cass, but I was hoping they would brutally roast the Vaudevillians before the match. Their gimmick is an easy target when it comes to cutting promos, Amore and Cass would have excelled with this material. For the most part, these two teams had some decent in ring chemistry, and proved that they can end a show. The spot of this match was Cass’ hot tag, because he just used his size to his advantage. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked with the outcome of this match. This now results in a heel vs heel match for the tag titles, and I’m curious to see how those two teams work a match. Overall, solid main event, and I’ll admit that it swerved me.


As I mentioned earlier in this post, this short show packed a punch. All three matches on the card maximized time and effectiveness. Every contest had some sort of significance to it, and it was accomplished in a simple way. I can’t say this show had any particular low point, but the high point was the opening women’s match. Overall, this show deserves a 7.7/10.

For any of my readers that didn’t get a chance to read my review on Beast in the East, you can view it here.

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