The Raw Rollup – Advertising Edition (June 30)


After weeks of inconsistent Raws with no pace or flow, the WWE finally delivered this week. By giving us meaningful segments that added to their respective stories, they kept the show steady. Not every segment was amazing, but everything felt consistent. I feel it the show’s consistency is even evident in the way I wrote this episode’s review.

Opening Segment

I thought the “Monday Night Rollins” joke as rather lame, because it was funny once. Seth did go on to cut a great promo, he sounded smooth. I thought it was clever on how he called out all of Lesnar’s past foes. Watching Rollins kiss up to the other Authority members was very humorous. Especially his moment with Noble, it actually came off as sincere. The Apple Watches came off as random, but it added to the comedy within the segment. Kane’s vacation was unnecessary though, as it didn’t add much to the promo. Once the Caddy made its way to the ring, I realized that the product place was strong in this show.

Big Show vs Mark Henry

I wasn’t very excited for this match, as I couldn’t care less about these two wrestling. The only saving grace to this match was Miz’s commentary and Ryback’s post-match attack.  Nothing special in this match, other than the men that weren’t part of it.

The Miz vs Ryback

This should have been the first match of the show, as the fans were given much more with these two. Ryback’s vertical suplex hold went way too long and it looked awkward. I was glad to see the Miz actually get in some offense, he was getting tossed around for the most part. I thought the finish was perfect for this match, because I didn’t want to see either man pinned.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

While we saw this match a week or so ago, it felt fresh, because it didn’t involve any of the Bellas. I thought this was simple and sweet. They didn’t complicate the flow of the contest, and they were fluid for the most part. The back breaker was hands down the spot of the match because it brought the excitement up for a few seconds. The finish was decent, but overall I enjoyed their outing.

John Cena vs Cesaro

For a moment I actually believed they were going to give us Owens-Cena 3 on last night’s Raw. I was expecting Owens to amaze me on commentary like he did on NXT last week, but he seemed more toned down. This match moved at a very slow pace, but I knew that only meant it was going to move faster. They placed the commercial break at an odd time, because when they came back it seemed like the action was picking up. While Cena almost botched his stunner, both men found a way to pull it off. The uppercut was easily the spot of the match simply because of how much air Cena caught. The suplex from the top rope was a near second because of Cesaro’s strength. After the suplex, this match caught fire, it was extremely intense. I thought it would end sooner, but the two found a good chance to work outside the ring. The finish was solid, although I’d prefer a clean win. This was by far the best match I’ve seen on Raw in a while.

Bray Wyatt Promo

I loved this promo. Wyatt captured the purpose of the feud and delivered a beautiful promo. He truly is a good fit with Roman Reigns.

The New Day & Bo Dallas vs  The Lucha Dragons & The Primetime Players

This was a rematch from last week’s Smackdown, but I didn’t mind. It delivered last Thursday, and I had no doubt of them delivering last night. Also, most matches with the Dragons and the New Day are good matches. Bo Dallas’ clothesline on Kalisto was the spot of the match, because it was simple and well sold. Dallas actually was the stand out in this match, his pace was well spread, and his selling was on point. Eventually the action did pick up, but I was hoping the heel team would win, as they were the stronger workers. Overall, solid match, and good way to keep the crowd entertained.

Dolph Ziggler/Lana Promo

After weeks of seeing these two, I realized Lana has become unlikable and it’s rubbing off on Ziggler. It doesn’t feel natural, and I feel more pity for Rusev than Lana. I’m sure because of this, Lana’s promo came across as awkward. Rusev’s interruption was the saving grace, but then I realized he was with Summer Rae. I know Rusev is technically the heel, but I couldn’t tell who the babyface was and who the heel was. The cat fight was slightly entertaining, but I could have done without seeing any of this.

Neville vs Sheamus

As normal, I wish I didn’t have to watch Sheamus, but at least I got to watch Neville. Oddly enough this match didn’t move very fast, and it felt boring for the most part. It might have been Sheamus, because I had no interest in his offense. I actually think of Sheamus as a good worker, but he didn’t interest me in this match.

Jack Swagger vs King Barrett

This match actually caught my interest, because I feel Barrett might be on the up. I turned out to be right, and I was happy with the result. Hopefully this will be another match that will bring up his stock.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins & Kane

When they started with the match, I thought they were going with tornado rules. I felt it would have been much more entertaining. Either way, I was pleased with how they opened the contest. For the most part, I thought most of the wrestlers looked good in this match. It was a testament to how all Shield members have great chemistry with each other. I almost forgot the DQ stipulation, but I was glad Ambrose reminded me. They came across as if they were all having a lot of fun with the match, it felt like I was watching a house show. The spot of the match was definitely Reigns’ superman punch to Rollins while he was in the air. While the finish was predictable, I enjoyed it. The match itself was extremely entertaining, and it pushed the stories for Reigns and Rollins. I know Brock wasn’t in there, but how interesting would it have been if he made the save for Roman?


I’d like to thank my cousin for sitting through this 3 hour Raw with me. To be honest, I felt this edition of Raw was much better than what they’ve given us in the past weeks. The flow of the show was consistent, and they found a way to showcase each rivalry appropriately within the time limit. The low point of the show was the Ziggler/Lana/Rusev/Rae segment, while the high point was Cena vs Cesaro. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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