Ring of Honor 6/17/15: Go Home Show for “Best in the World 2015” on Friday 6/19


The Decade make their way to the ring to start off the show in Toronto, Canada.

The Decade vs War Machine

Whitmer grabs the mic before the match and calls Colby to the center of the ring. He mentions to Colby that two weeks ago he came within an inch of beating Moose. Whitmer says that he doesn’t think Steve Corino has an understanding of what’s going on quite yet, and that he needs to see it again. Corino can’t believe it. He says, “Come on man….” as he sits there, about to watch War Machine destroy his son.

Adam Page acts like he’s going to start the match, but then immediately tags in Colby (who’s basically about to get murdered.) Colby stands face to face with Rowe, calling him on to fight. Rowe begs him to stop and tells Colby that he’s not ready yet. Colby slaps Rowe. Steve Corino says, “Geez Colby, no…” Corino finally shows some sort of emotion and yells out, “Who taught you this!?”

Colby continues to try and attack Rowe as he stands there yelling for B.J. to get in the ring. Rowe quickly has enough of all this after receiving a roundhouse kick to the head. He picks up Colby and hits him with this nasty triple combo, back breaker – gut buster – slam. I’m not really sure what it’s called, but it was nasty looking. Colby goes for a desperate tag to Page who leaves the ring, turning his back on him. Steve Corino stands up and starts yelling. War Machine looks on with disgust before finishing Colby off and pinning him.

Winner: War Machine

Whitmer taunts Corino right before the commercial, causing Corino to break free from his coma-like acting, and starts showing a little fire. The crowd is going nuts for Corino.

Aaron’s thoughts:

  • Steve Corino is asked about his son, and whether or not he had a chance to speak with him. I have to say once again, Corino is the worst. Your son got annihilated by Moose a few weeks ago, and you are borderline emotionless? Not to mention that when it was happening, you just sat at ringside like a total coward. I don’t quite understand the logic with that entire storyline. When Whitmer told Corino that Colby was going to get a beating again, Corino’s acting was completely unacceptable. I can’t even do it justice by just writing about how bad it was.
  • War Machine is an extremely cool looking tag team. It’s one thing WWE does not understand. It’s right in front of their faces with Owens and Lesnar. The crowd will always get behind a bad ass. Someone who just kicks people’s asses. War Machine has the appearance of two guys you would never want to mess around with. That’s how it should be. These guys aren’t clapping about anything.
  • Something else I found to be extremely stupid. War Machine was clearly not happy with having to attack Colby. Once Page turned his back on Colby, they should have just stopped wrestling the match. It didn’t make sense given the stance they were taking, to nail Colby with their finisher and pin him. It looked really stupid.

Back from the commercial, Cedric Alexander is standing in the middle of the ring with the mic. He talks about how last year, around this time, he was considered a breakout star. He says that in present day, he’s no longer that breakout star, and that it’s “do or die” for him now. Cedric goes on to talk about how he needs to start picking up “wins” to prove to his family that his dream of being a wrestler isn’t a total waste of time. Cedric than does the unexpected. He calls out Moose, who is undefeated.

Moose vs Cedric Alexander

The two exchanged an awkward series of attacks and counters, all mis-timed. This was my first time seeing Moose battle someone as talented as Cedric, and Moose needs some work. This match was really bad in the beginning. The crowd tried to keep this alive, but everything about that happened early was sloppy. Moose has his work cut out for him in the upcoming #1 Contenders match at “Best in the World,” where he faces Elgin and Strong in a 3-way. The match got exciting towards the end, when Alexander hit Moose repeatedly with running dropkicks. Finally, Moose countered one of them with a spear, leaving both men laid out on on the canvas. Veda tried handing Moose a wrench to beat Cedric in the head, but Moose stood there holding it, debating on whether or not he should use it. Cedric grabbed the wrench and clobbered him in the head to steal the win and end Moose’s undefeated streak.

Winner: Cedric Alexander.

Aaron’s thoughts:

  • I was not expecting this at all. I was actually at this show when they taped it, but left early because it was time for beer. This show was pushing 4 hours. As exciting as this match was, I think Moose is a little overrated. It will be interesting to see how he does at the PPV Friday.

Inside ROH airs, featuring a closer look at the intense rivalry between The Addiction and reDragon. At the end of the video package, Adam Cole interrupts to cut a promo as he joins The Kingdom at “Best in the World” to face The Bullet Club.

ACH and Matt Sydal vs Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi

The crowd was obviously going nuts for this one. The teams had a face off in the beginning to shake hands, but that never happens and the match starts off heated. This match was solid. Great athleticism, really nice spots, and fast paced – exactly what you thought this match would be.

Winner: Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Nigel McGuiness is in the ring preparing for the contract signing between Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal. Lethal comes out with a black velvet sport coat and a fedora. Briscoe comes out after with his brother.

McGuiness makes it clear that both titles are on the line in a one fall contest. It is reiterated that this is the biggest match in ROH history…

Both men sign the contract and Nigel tells them that because of their legacies, this is the biggest match that ROH has ever had. Lethal grabs the mic and says that there’s only one reason why he doesn’t flip the table and put Briscoe down where he stands, because he wants him at his best for the match at the PPV. He doesn’t want any excuses. Lethal tells him that by signing the contract, he just made the biggest mistake ever, just like his parents did when they conceived him. This of course makes Jay Briscoe quite angry. Briscoe then grabs the mic, and says that when he’s done whipping his ass at the PPV, Lethal is going to have to go back to being “The Black Machismo.” This infuriates Lethal, who takes his jacket off in a fit of rage. Both men get into each other’s faces, yelling and holding up their respective titles.

The show ends.

Aaron’s thoughts:

  • Now that’s how you do a go home show before a PPV. This match clearly isn’t the greatest match booked in ROH history, but they are building it up like they truly believe it. That is what counts, and that is what makes the anticipation for this match great. If you were someone seeing this for the first time, and you saw this contract signing, you would be into seeing the match at the PPV. It was that good.
  • Overall this was a good hour of TV. For the most part, ROH continues to do the right things. The show did a great job of promoting the PPV this Friday and I’m going to try and catch it myself.

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