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Wednesday Wrap Around – The Big Hole in the Divas Division (June 17)


This division has been lacking for quite some time. It looked to be on the up when AJ, Paige, and Nikki were competing amongst each other, but since then it has fallen off. There’s two large problems with the divas right now. They continue to repeat the same competitors, and they decide to not push the others. I believe there is a solid and simple solution. If they can make strides towards this direction, I think they’ll be in a good position by September.

The Problem:

If you’ve read my reviews you’ll know that I’m a fan of Nikki Bella and I don’t mind them pushing her. I’m also a big fan of Paige. I think it’s great to see them use these two properly, but as of now, these are the only two they’re using. With this continuous use of the same divas, I’m getting extremely annoyed, just like most fans. Even when they put on solid matches, it’s tough to generate real interest. After MITB was over one of the biggest questions I had moving forwards was what they were planning on doing with Nikki and Paige the Monday after. Their answer was to keep them together. On Monday they had the perfect chance to push another diva on the roster or make a call up to one of the women on the NXT roster. With a few other big moments on that show, this could have lit the division on fire before heading into an unknown summer. Whether it be Sasha or Charlotte, that call up would have added a jolt of excitement into a product many of the fans stopped caring about.

In kayfabe sense, the WWE has conditioned me to only take those two competitors seriously. The organization has essentially made the rest of the division look like jobbers. This problem essentially created the first problem I listed. Without building any other women in this division, the WWE has dug themselves into a very deep hole. The company easily got us to care about Naomi, just with some simple character development and a small push. There’s nothing stopping them from doing this with someone such as Natty, Emma, or Tamina. It also doesn’t help that most divas have been treated and buried so bad, the bookers themselves forget to take the divas seriously. I bet if they had booked someone such as Summer Rae properly, she could have arguably been contending for the title .I’m aware the current roster of women is spread thin, but in the world of pro wrestling we all know that something can easily be made from nothing.

The Solution Moving Forwards

It’s simple, call up Charlotte or Sasha. The two wrestlers of NXT arguably carry more talent than any other woman to step foot in a WWE ring. Also, a new face would do wonders for a dying division. It can easily be booked where one of them goes over Nikki by Summerslam. The best way to book this would to have Charlotte or Sasha help Paige handle the Bella twins, then have a tag team match set for Battleground. There’s plenty of time between now and the next PPV, so they can take their time developing the call up’s character within the main roster. After the babyface team is successful at Summerslam, have them compete for a shot at the divas title. This will have our NXT diva poised to beat Nikki at the second biggest PPV of the year, thus creating a new star within the division.

Having Charlotte come up would be the smarter choice. She seems to be ready and has accomplished everything in NXT. Flair isn’t part of a major program at the moment, so the transition would be smooth. Sasha can easily be called up, but she still holds the title and is putting on great matches week after week. The Boss should have her fun down there, and move up once there’s nothing left to do.

My booking plan sounds great from one aspect, but there are still other women on this roster. Calling someone up from NXT won’t fix the problem of divas that no one cares about. This means heading into Summerslam, it would be wise to create a secondary feud. Why not Paige and Natty? The two seem to have interesting chemistry on Total Divas, and I’m sure it would translate into a solid feud. If they choose to have teams of divas square off, that can also work, as long as we’re given a story we can care about.


The current divas division is in need of some sort of change. There is a major hole in this part of WWE’s roster, and I believe it can be fixed by easily paying more attention to it. As I say with all my booking scenarios, it’s not the only way to fix something. I feel as long as we see the company make strides towards pushing women and creating stronger characters for them, the fans will once again enjoy this division.

Also, be sure to check out the first ever edition of the Casual Smart Radio. Myself and Aaron Flow break down all of the action from Sunday night.

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