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Money In the Bank Predictions – By Erin and Aaron (June 13)

This particular prediction thread will be featuring a new but familiar author on the Casual Smart. I’d like to welcome Aaron Flow, who will be participating with PPV analysis and new podcasts (maybe more?). Aaron had allowed me to post my reviews of Raw and NXT on his website,, so we’re quite familiar with each others work.

I found these predictions to be more predictable than normal, but if done right I think the WWE can hit us with some serious swerves.


Bad News Barrett vs R-Truth

Erin: To be honest, I think R-Truth has done a better job at entertaining this WWE crowd more than Barrett within the recent weeks. With that being said, the higher ups still see more in Barrett, so I’m predicting he’ll pick up the win. This won’t be an easy win for him, as I think he’ll need some sort of distraction to get the victory. Hopefully this win can bring some positivity to the King’s run and maybe it’ll translate into something for the rest of the summer. Barrett

Aaron: I’ve counted roughly 28 matches (including WWE Live matches) that King Barrett has been in since winning the prestigious King of the Ring Tournament.  Of those 28 matches, he has won 4.  King Barrett is perhaps one of the worst booked characters on the show, but fortunately this time, he’s in a position to get his 5th victory. By placing him in a match against a guy that shouldn’t even be filling a roster spot, I believe King Barrett will win this match clean.  At this point, he deserves to, and they need to salvage whatever they can out of him. Barrett

WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs Paige

Erin: I actually forgot about this match when typing these predictions. Hopefully this match will be the last one these two have. As we all know, Total Divas starts soon, and they might need the face of the show to carry the title. Unless the show’s focus will shift mainly on Paige, Bella will retain through cheating. Nikki Bella

Aaron: Believe it or not, I feel this is the hardest match to predict.  Mainly because I don’t think the writers care much. I am basing this prediction on two factors.  Total Divas and CM Punk’s record as reigning champion.  I feel that WWE would like to strip as much history away from CM Punk as possible (they didn’t even mention his history with Samoa Joe.)  I feel that Nikki Bella will win this match. Nikki Bella

WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day vs The Primetime Players

Erin: Considering where the PTP were about a month ago, they have managed to become meaningful once again. As entertaining as they’ve been, I can’t see anybody dethroning the New Day any time soon. I’ve said this many times before, but the current champs are the best thing to happen to the tag division and because of this they need to walk out with the belts. Expect them to pull off some sort of trick to pick up the victory. The New Day

Aaron: Obviously, losing Kidd and Cesaro was pretty devastating for this tag division.  WWE has done a nice job of making The Prime Time Players legit contenders, with their push starting at Elimination Chamber.  The New Day is such a hot act right now, that I don’t see them dropping the titles on this PPV.  I think this match will be positioned on the card to put the crowd into a good mood, so that the stage is set for the rest of the show. The New Day wins this one by cheating. The New Day

WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ryback vs The Big Show

Erin: For something that was created in a matter of 2 weeks, I think the WWE has done a solid job at making this feud somewhat interesting. I can’t see them taking the title off the big guy because he’s done such a good job with it. If they keep this match short and simple, it might actually be fun to watch. I’m guessing Ryback wins clean, but don’t be surprised if this turns into a count out for both men .Ryback

Aaron: Anytime Big Show is in a singles match, I worry that it’s going to be a sleeper.  I’m hoping that in this case I’m wrong.  These two oddly look good together face to face, I’m not sure what it is.  With Ryback holding the title, he seems more motivated than ever to put on a good show, and in this match he has his work cut out for him. Ryback wins this clean. Ryback

WWE United States Champion, John Cena vs NXT Champion, Kevin Owens

Erin: Last time these two met, they tore the house down. I expect nothing less in this encounter. They’re both in very unique positions in their respective careers and seem to be carrying that “steal the show” mentality. Owens did pick up the win last time, but expect Cena to overcome the odds in this match. It won’t be a clean finish, as Samoa Joe will help John win. Joe and Owens are set to compete on NXT this upcoming week and this will be great for adding fuel to the fire. John Cena

Aaron: This was such a poor decision to book this rematch so soon.  John Cena can’t (and won’t) lose clean again, so that’s not going to happen.  The show lacks strong heels right now, and Owens is the saving grace, so he can’t lose clean either.  With the Tokyo event only 3 weeks away, my guess is that Owens loses because he gets distracted by some sort of bizarre stage/Titantron effect for Finn Balor.  I would guess a Samoa Joe distraction, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on the main roster until Fall.  Cena wins this by pinning a distracted Kevin Owens. John Cena

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Neville vs Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston vs Kane vs Sheamus

Erin: While the entire card is predictable, this match seems too predictable. I’m starting to think that this will be the part in the show where the audience is swerved, but would it be the right kind of swerved? The only logical choice is Roman, although something in my head is telling me it could be the New Day. At some point in the match, the current tag champs will have the advantage. I’m predicting they somehow take out Reigns when he is about to win, and have Kofi grab the briefcase. I believe this will setup a program between the New Day and Roman, where he’ll probably win the briefcase off them at the next PPV .The New Day

Aaron: This is essentially the worst Money in the Bank match I’ve ever seen booked on paper.  With that being said, it’s the perfect match to have Reigns win without there being a chance that the crowd turns on him!  Everyone in this match (aside from Orton) will never leave the lower/mid-card.  Orton is a non-factor in this match, he’s barely treated as a contender on television.  This will be a match where Neville, Ziggler, and Kofi can showcase some spots leading up to a victorious Roman Reigns.  As terrible as this match is, it’s actually perfect. Roman Reigns

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

Erin: I think this match will be a hard fought battle and will easily be the best we’ve seen of these two thus far. Rollins has been booked to look like a complete loser and their making the audience think that he can’t win without help. I absolutely hated how he was pinned by Joey Mercury on Raw, but expect him to recover and win this match clean (meaning no help). From what’s been rumoured, Seth is scheduled to face Lesnar at Battleground and he needs to look strong heading into that feud. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brock made his way to the ring after Seth’s win and completely demolish the champ. Seth Rollins

Aaron: This feud can’t end soon enough.  Once again, the writing staff has destroyed a promising character.  Dean Ambrose had an “edge” to him at one time.  He’s an incredible talent who’s been damaged by a poor creative staff.  Stealing the title is perhaps the dumbest thing that can ever happen in pro-wrestling.  Having a storyline where a title gets stolen twice in less then 6 months, is even worse.  I’m going to go out on a limb here.  I think that Rollins wins the match, and Reigns cash’s in his briefcase on the same night to take the title from Rollins. Here is my rationale.

1)  Raw ratings are at a dangerous low, especially this past Monday where the only competition was the NHL playoffs with one of the teams being Tampa.  Everyone that watches hockey knows Tampa has no real fans.

2)  When ratings get this bad, it means the fan-base is rejecting the product.  I still believe Rollins is a great heel when used correctly, but every single week on RAW has been the same all year: Rollins with a bunch of people at ringside vs whoever has angered The Authority.  This is the situation where it becomes time to “hot shot” book a match.  Having Reigns win the title this way will surely lure people back on Monday to see the fallout.

3) Roman Reigns is not going to carry around that stupid briefcase for 6 months.  Someone that looks as cool as he does, will never carry that around. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns


For this post’s conclusion Aaron Flow has a few words to people have been following his content on the Pro Wrestling Vortex:

I want to thank everyone that read  I had to discontinue running the site because of time constraints.  I want to thank Erin for letting me contribute to, giving me an outlet to continue writing, and to hopefully help bring some entertaining audio content.


3 thoughts on “Money In the Bank Predictions – By Erin and Aaron (June 13)

  1. Reblogged this on VK ON SPORTS BLOG and commented:
    Ryback should definitely win his match. There is no way in hell he loses the title to the Big Slow. Ryback should be Intercontinental Champion for a long time, like the old school Intercontinental Champions, back when the title had value.


  2. Reblogged this on VK ON SPORTS BLOG and commented:
    Ryback should definitely win his match. There is no way in hell he loses the title to the Big Slow. Ryback should be Intercontinental Champion for a long time, like the old school Intercontinental Champions, back when the title had value.


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