Black and Blue – “Do Better Sheamus” Edition (June 12)

Before I start this review, I would just like to send my condolences to the Runnels family. Dusty was a huge figure in the industry and even when he retired he continued to give back. RIP Dusty Rhodes.

This week’s edition made up for the Raw we were given on Monday. I’m starting to think that Smackdown might be the go to show. As of late it’s given us better results and has been much more entertaining.

Opening Segment

I normally don’t mind promos from Ambrose, but he could have done without the recaps. We already saw the Instagram pictures on Raw, there was no need to see them once again. It actually felt like Rollins saved this segment from getting worse. Their interaction was quite amusing, and watching Ambrose give Rollins the replica title was a laugh. If anybody paid attention to the belt earlier, it was easy to notice that it wasn’t Rollins’, because his custom plates were missing from it. The best part of this segment was when Dean said it still felt like Tuesday. Kane’s appearance in this segment felt pointless and I thought they could have just left it off with Seth shouting at Ambrose.

The Miz vs Ryback

I thought Jerry Lawler was on fire with his many jokes about the Miz. The vertical suplex hold was extremely impressive by both men, I just wish the crowd had started to count. Their two characters meshed well in the ring and it resulted in some fun spots. The Miz of course worked well as the cowardly heel but I’m glad he wasn’t pummeled in seconds by the Big Guy. I thought it was even better that the A-lister got a chance to land his finisher. Obviously Ryback would pull out the win, but it felt like a big moment to see him kick out of the skull crushing finale. That was definitely my favorite part of the match. Overall, this was an amazing way to kick off Smackdown, simply because it was fun and got the crowd hooked. Big Show’s post match promo was well done and it added to their feud.

King Barrett vs Jack Swagger

For some reason, I kept thinking that Barrett was in the MITB ladder match. Also, where has Jack Swagger been? His return felt rather lackluster. The best part of this particular match was R-Truth distracting Barrett. Even when Truth isn’t involved in a big program, he finds way to make the most of his TV time. The spot of the match was Swagger’s clothesline t Barrett outside of the ring. Overall, I enjoyed this match because of the right amount of wrestling and drama.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

These two men haven’t wrestled each other since February, I think. Either way, it’s been time and I didn’t mind. I found it refreshing to see a work horse type match instead of something filled with drama. Seth found a good way to translate his frustration into this match, it’s a sign that he knows how to carry his story. These two worked well and kept the entire match smooth. I found Dolph better off without Lana in his corner, because that way the focus stays on this contest and not his odd relationship. There was a moment in the match where I felt as if they could have picked up the pace, and that was when they were brawling outside of the ring before the commercial break. When they eventually picked it up, we were given the spot of the match with Ziggler’s DDT. It looked great because of how much air Ziggler caught and how well Rollins was planted into the mat. This was a solid match, and probably the best one on WWE television this week, but I wish Rollins got a chance to land the pedigree.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

I haven’t been very impressed by the Divas as of late, and I’m usually the one that takes their side. Like Raw’s women’s match, this one was fresh. I’m glad to see they’re mixing up the women that are used, because it was brutal to see the Bellas and Paige over and over again. Fox looked decent in this contest, and Paige did a good job selling many of her moves. Watching these two execute a top rope fall and Paige delivering a flying senton was extremely impressive. It was a shame that the crowd was quite for this match. Overall, this was one of the better women’s matches I’ve seen in a while. I started to think maybe these two should be wrestling each other at MITB.

Roman Reigns, Neville, & Randy Orton vs Kane, Kofi Kingston, & Sheamus

It doesn’t matter if this match was good or bad, the New Day was there to keep my spirits high. Kofi and Roman starting off was a smart call because they had great chemistry on Monday night. Neville had a great amount of energy as I actually popped for his cross body onto Kofi. I wasn’t excited to see Orton and Sheamus but their short burst of energy made their interaction entertaining. It also helped to watch with Xavier woods shouting “Do better Sheamus!”. Before the match even ended, it was fair to say that Neville’s performance stole the show, and it couldn’t be disputed after his combo of kicks. The match started off hot and it ended hot with the first two competitors. Reigns and Kofi go together so well that I was excited to see them back in the ring. The spot of the match was Roman’s superman punch to Kofi, I can’t get enough of these two working this particular spot. Overall I found this to be a solid main event. Normally I’d like to see the championship feud end the show, but the WWE did an excellent job at getting me hyped for the MITB ladder match. The post match antics were well done and Neville standing tall made him look like a favorite heading into Sunday.


As of late, Smackdown is starting to become the right go home show for PPVs. It carries the right amount of excitement, along with progressing feuds. To be honest, the only low point about this show was the several recaps of Raw, but the high point was a tie between the Rollins-Ziggler match and the main event. Overall I give this show a 7.6/10.

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