On to the NXT One – Bull Is Gorgeous Edition (June 11)

The best way to describe this week’s edition of NXT is, short and simple. While living by that description, they gave us something to look forward to all show long, which was the official in ring debut of Samoa Joe. The show did a superb job at creating that build and at the same time they properly showcased their other stars.

Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley vs Elias Samson & Mike Rollis

Oddly enough, Rawley and Ryder look great together. Before I even got myself settled for this contest I couldn’t help but notice how excited the crowd was for this opening. The spot of the match was undoubtedly Ryder’s missile drop kick. I’m glad to see the WWE finding ways to utilize the Long Island Iced Z. There was nothing particularly great about the technical aspect, but it was a very fun match to watch. Overall, I felt this was an amazing way to open this week’s episode.

Emma vs Blue Pants

Apparently it was Blue Pants’ birthday. I’m glad that they’ve finally changed Emma’s theme song as her previous one was too babyface for her. Most of the match was dedicated to Emma looking strong by dominating. It was smart of them to let Blue Pants to have some decent time in front of the fans, because she was extremely over. Overall, this was another entertaining match it kept the momentum of this show going.

Bull Dempsey vs Tyler Breeze

The size difference between these two men was evident, but somehow I was expecting Breeze to destroy Bull. It took me a while to realize, but aren’t both of them heels? Did I miss the Bull babyface turn? Either way, this was an entertaining match because they showed the size difference, but in a way most would expect. The spot of the match was watching Dempsey chase Breeze around the outside of the ring. I thought the finish to the match was quite clever and new.

Becky Lynch vs Jesse

Finally, we got to see Becky Lynch back in action. I thought her opponent Jesse looked rather green in comparison to the other women in NXT. It does look like she’s focused on the wrestling aspect of the job, so I’m sure she’ll improve. Becky did a good job at selling for her opponent and making the moves against her look painful. Their match was short, but it showcased Becky, a wrestler we all wanted to see.

Baron Corbin vs Angelo Dawkins

This match was the male equivalent to the previous one, it was meant for one specific superstar to be showcased. In this contest though, Corbin absolutely dominated Dawkins. The pace moved slowly, but Baron found a way to make every move impactful. I didn’t mind this match, but it slightly slowed down the show’s momentum. I felt as if this could have been the second match on the card.

Samoa Joe vs Scott Dawson

Joe looked like an absolute monster standing next to Dawson. I would have preferred to see Joe demolish his opponent in a matter of seconds. Kevin Owens did become distracting on commentary, but I still found him funny. Half way through I was reminded that Joe can look incredible in the ring. The muscle buster looked smooth and I thought it was a great finish. This entire part of the show was clearly meant for Owens and Joe to have a promo. Their exchange was well done and it ended perfectly with Regal setting a match for them next week. For a man that just started in the company 7 months ago, Owens is now successfully involved with two different programs.


This week’s edition of NXT was filled with short matches. They weren’t squash matches, but shorter than normal. I thought this formula worked for this particular show. The action was properly paced out, and the hot crowd made it fun to watch. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of the crowds at Full Sail, but they truly delivered this week. The low point of the show was Corbin’s match and the high point was the opening tag match. Overall, I give this show a 7.7/10.

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