Raw Predictions (June 8)

After a two week hiatus on my predictions, they’re finally back, and the timing couldn’t be more appropriate. Tonight’s edition of Raw will be considered the go home show and luckily for the WWE, they have a solid plan in motion going into this Sunday’s PPV.

 Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins

This program is now allowing for us to see what Seth can do without the Authority representing him, and he’s actually looking like a complete wrestler. Lately Ambrose has been finding ways to get the last laugh against Rollins, but I don’t believe that to be the case tonight. I’m convinced they want Seth to look strong heading into the PPV, and Ambrose doesn’t really need that because he already looks good with the way he’s been booked. Expect Rollins to open the show and viciously attack his Money in the Bank opponent at the end of the show.

Kevin Owens/John Cena

These two men continue to cut amazing promos and show us that they have beautiful chemistry with each other. This week we’ll get to see Cena continue his open challenge and have it end with another Owens promo. While Owens will cut a decent promo, I predict Cena to come back stronger and keep him quiet .After their last physical encounter (Eliminations Chamber), I think it would be wise to keep them away from one another, just to build more excitement for their match at Money in the Bank.

Roman Reigns & Money In the Bank Contestants

As of late I’ve enjoyed how Roman has been positioned. They’ve kept him away from the title but still in a spot where he’s consistently showcased. After the events of Smackdown, I predict his main feud tonight will be against Kane. Unfortunately for Roman, Kane still runs the show, so I expect the Big Red Machine to book the juggernaut in a handicap match that will include Sheamus, and Barrett.

The New Day/Primetime Players

For a small and subtle feud, I think the WWE has done a good job at booking these two teams against each other. I predict this week we’ll see a one on one match with Titus and Big E. This way we can see the intensity in the feud grow stronger.


Last week we were given a terrible Raw with inconsistency, I expect things to change. Usually go home shows give us that extra boost of wrestling excitement. Also, if this Raw doesn’t work out, we still have Smackdown to look forward to.

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