On to the NXT One (June 6)

This particular episode of NXT fell victim to the post-Takeover lull that the brand normally goes through. I found that only 2 matches lead to any sort of story advancement. Having said this, I still enjoyed the action the stars of NXT presented. Also, Regal’s announcement made everything feel much better.

Tyler Breeze vs Adam Rose

I’m at the point where I truly question where they position Breeze. A match like this doesn’t bother me, but I’d like to see where he’s going. With that being said, I was excited to see Prince Pretty. It was great to hear the commentators speak about the history between Breeze and Rose. This makes the match much more interesting for the viewer watching at home. Their brief action outside was entertaining, but I was disappointed they didn’t continue at that pace. The spot of the match was definitely Tyler’s hurricarna as it looked gorgeous. After this, the two picked up the pace. Their back and forth looked great. Overall, not a bad way to start the show, I just wanted to see some more urgency in the opening.

Eva Marie Promo

I felt bad for Eva, before she even had the chance to speak, she was being booed out the building. I thought she did a decent job at holding her own during the interview, but it was obvious the negative response made her feel uncomfortable. As a fan of NXT, I hope to see her change the minds of those that gave her the thumbs down.

Carmella vs Alexa Bliss

They made a good call on not letting Bliss use her old theme as it’s too babyface for her character. Once again the commentators did a good job at developing the feud between these two. This dislike for one another was showcased well in this match. Bliss was very believable as a heel and it made me question why she wasn’t turned earlier. Carmella looked decent in this contest, but Alexa deserved to pick up the win. Her character was on point. Overall, I thought it was a great way to develop this new feud.

The Vaudevillians vs Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis

When was the last time the Vaudevillians were on NXT programming? It’s felt like ages since the last time we’ve seen them. I don’t care much for Jason Jordan or Marcus Louis, but they found a way to become the more interesting part of the match. After the two teams had a chance to work together, I realized this was probably the most boring match on the card. I agreed with the Vaudevillians win and I was happy it ended when it did.

Finn Balor vs Rhyno

There was an obvious size difference and I was glad to see them play on that during the match. I thought these two knew how to properly work a slow pace, and it was still interesting when they were exchanging small moves. Finn’s kick to Rhyno on the top of the turn buckle was an early spot of the match, it looked devastating and had me thinking Rhyno had a concussion. The man beast was awesome at selling for Balor. Once Rhyno gained control of the flow, Finn also sold well.  The demon showcased the size advantage his opponent had on him. It was quite obvious that Finn was going to leave the victor, and I believe he won in the right way. A roll up pin makes Rhyno look like he was caught off guard. This way he doesn’t leave looking weak. Also the post match gore was an awesome way of setting up a program between the two .Overall, this was the best match of the night and a solid main event.


I had mixed feelings about this particular show. There wasn’t a lot of story line progression, but we were given some decent matches. Balor-Rhyno and Bliss-Carmella were the only two matches the resulted in something meaningful. I enjoyed Breeze-Rose, but they could have easily been replaced by another match. The low point of this show was the tag team match, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 6.9/10.

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