Wednesday Wrap Around – Where Does NXT Go From Here? (June 3)

NXT is heading into an interesting summer because they now have the task of building a few more stars. Since the loss of Itami and Zayn, they lack the star power they carried in the early part of this year. With Owens heading up to the main roster and Samoa Joe likely doing a small stint there, they’ll need to work with the current crop of stars that are currently in Florida. NXT bookers are already given the difficult task of transitioning Kevin to the main roster and he needs to look strong when dropping the belt. Along with this, the WWE brass needs to figure out how their roster will look for the next little while, at least until some wrestlers get off the injury reserve.  

How should Owens drop the title?

At this moment I don’t believe anybody should beat Owens for the title, at least not clean. There’s only two ways to go about this, have him vacate the title so he can make the jump or have him lose through distraction. I highly believe the first option would be the best option. This way Owens looks strong in his transition moving to the main roster. Also, the larger fan base is now aware that he holds the NXT Championship; it wouldn’t help his image if they were to find out that he lost it to someone that will stay in NXT. Paige also did the same thing when they moved her up so I can’t see the harm in giving Kevin the same treatment.

If he doesn’t vacate the title, he can always have his feud in the main roster cost him a match in NXT. Whether it’s John Cena or Samoa Joe, Owens would then have a reason to focus on the person that ruined his title reign as opposed to chasing the title again. I haven’t looked at the spoilers for the NXT shows, but I’m sure they can ignite the Owens-Joe feud at Full Sail, and then move that to the main roster. If that feud can become heated enough, Joe can cost Owens a match against Balor (the number one contender), which would only make the feud much more intense. A program such as that would be big money for the main roster and would look great for Summerslam.

Who should NXT focus on after Owens moves up? 

Once Owens makes his move to the main roster, the NXT roster might look thin. As I mentioned, Balor could beat Owens for the title, which would make him the face of the NXT brand. I would love to see Finn moved up sooner than later, but they can’t do it at the price of lessening their hottest product. Along with the demon, I foresee Breeze and Baron Corbin receiving larger pushes towards the title picture. Prince Pretty is definitely ready to hang at the top and it’s about time they see how he can do by carrying the brand. Corbin on the other hand isn’t the fan choice and will need to find a way to get over more. I’m not sure if this matters to the WWE, because they seem very high on Corbin. Rhyno may also be a good addition to that scene. If these four can hold down the fort until Itami and Zayn come back, I’m sure they’ll be in a good spot. Given NXT’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have new stars ready by August. 


This may seem like an issue, but in a sense it’s a good issue for the WWE. They’re currently in a position where new talent is being pushed to the top, while forcing themselves to create new prospects. Owens making his way to the main roster is nothing short of amazing for the fans. Also NXT creating new stars will be a testament to how great of a job they’re doing in Florida. This might arguably be the best summer for new stars in the history of WWE.

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