The Raw Rollup – Super Cena Edition (June 2)

In the past I’ve expressed how 1 out of the 3 hours can become very dull, this show was an example of that. The crowd itself seemed excited for the first 2 hours but truly died down, and I blame the WWE for not making it more interesting. I hope they get every straightened out for next week, because Money in the Bank is right around the corner.


Opening Segment

This crowd looked alive and it was a good way of setting the tone for last night’s show. Both Hunter and Stephanie did an excellent job at looking upset, and I would completely understand if Ambrose didn’t want to deal with them. I didn’t mind Roman playing Ambrose’s friend, but it felt weird to use him as the middleman. While his positioning wasn’t the best, Reigns did cut a decent promo. I was surprised with how he actually carried most of the segment. After Reigns said his piece, I thought Rollins stole the segment with his spirited promo. Once he left enraged, I was officially on team Rollins for Money in the Bank.

Roman Reigns vs King Barrett

If they had protected Barrett slightly more, this would actually be a fresh and interesting matchup. I thought the two men wrestled a solid opening match. Both competitors had a fair amount of offense, and I thought they used the outside area well. I’m noticing that Reigns’ ability to sell is getting better in each match he wrestles. To add to my point, this match would feel much more intense if Barrett had any credibility, because he was performing well in this contest. For a moment I was convinced Roman was going to botch that powerbomb, but I’m glad he was able to follow through and make it look presentable. I’m sure finishing a move like that isn’t easy .Lately I’ve noticed how Raw gives the fans a strong opening match and they continued that trend.

Ryback vs The Miz

The Miz receiving a title shot didn’t make much sense, because he wasn’t even in the Chamber on Sunday. Although I must admit that I like Miz’s new outfit/sweater, it looks very trendy. Big Show’s interruption prior to the match surprised me, and I didn’t mind his return. Sometimes a superstar needs a break before feeling relevant once again.

Kevin Owens Promo

Kevin Owens cut a beautiful promo in this segment. The use of his personal story made this promo very compelling and emotional. I personally liked how he referred to Cena as “Super Cena”, I’m sure the internet fans loved that one. He was able to bring emotion out of his words, which is tough for many wrestlers to do. Cena also did a good job at showing frustration with Kevin. Besides frustration he found a way to cut his normal promo, but with more emotion. The tension felt extremely real between these two men. It’s safe to say they hit my inner mark. After this segment, Owens himself conveyed his frustration well.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler / The New Day vs Dolph Ziggler & The Primetime Players

The hottest tag team in the WWE delivered again with a comedic promo. This match was going to be full of oversells and amazing moves. The two delivered early when Ziggler landed an amazing drop kick on Kofi. They continued with the fast pace and it kept me hooked. The spot of this contest was Ziggler’s DDT, because I thought he might have put Kingston in a coma. I felt this was a good way to get the crowd back into wrestling aspect of the show. At this point everything was promo heavy. Once the second portion began, I got very excited, because the entire New Day was participating. The stomp on Darren Young was a fun spot and showed how the New Day continues to look better as a team. Once Titus got tagged in he looked like millions of dollars, pun intended. It was neat to see the Primetime Players pick up the victory because it shows that the bookers are serious about pushing them.

Roman Reigns vs Mark Henry

I guess after Henry’s appearance on Sunday, he’s back to wrestling. Some might not enjoy seeing Roman wrestle twice in one night, but I liked the story line he was inserted into by Hunter. This match was worked at a slower pace and it relied on big impact moves in order to get the crowd excited. Is Henry now a heel? Last time we saw him, he was shaking Roman’s hand and showing him respect. The post match sneak attack didn’t exactly add up.

Paige vs Nikki Bella 

For the most part I thought two put on a decent match. They worked a lot more fluid than they did on Sunday. I’m glad they let Nikki take control for the first half of the match because if gave her the opportunity to use some new moves. What looked to be a good match became garbage in the second half. Paige’s top rope move look awkward, and that version of twin magic insulted my intelligence. Why didn’t Nikki just get back in the ring and go for the cradle if they expected Paige to be pinned so easily? It’s not like they used a distraction to win. A DQ finish would have been much better and it would give Paige a reason to extract revenge .Also, I don’t see the need to make Nikki a heel, because she just turned face less than a month ago. This was easily the worst I’ve seen of the divas in recent time.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

After a horrendous divas match, I was happy to see the Viper back in action. Their matchup felt fresh because we haven’t seen the two compete in quite sometime. I liked how they took the match outside and made it exciting but brought the action back in the ring. I thought they could have ended the match slightly earlier, because after awhile I lost interest. It could have been the commercial break that took away this matches momentum. Even the post match beat down didn’t feel exciting. They didn’t wrestle a bad match, but it just failed to bring any sort of excitement. Maybe if they cut a promo beforehand I would have been more hooked.

Bo Dallas vs Neville

After seeing their match from Elimination Chamber, I wasn’t looking forward to this one. I felt it was their duty to get the crowd excited after two dull matches. Dallas looked great with his in ring talking, it came across as very realistic. Half way through, this match was already better than their last encounter. All I needed was a red arrow and the show captured my interest once again.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Reigns deserves some credit for wrestling 3 matches in one night, that is not the easiest task. Wyatt and Reigns actually looked good together, and I think they could make an interesting program sometime in the future. The spot of match was Wyatt’s larriot outside of the ring. Roman also did a great job at selling it .I thought this entire show fell victim to commercial placement, and it was also visible in this match. It seemed like every time they’d come back from commercial break, the action fell flat. It took sometime for this to pick up. The slap exchange between the two was a great moment, it really brought out each wrestlers character. I honestly thought Reigns would end up losing this match and get himself involved in the Ambrose-Rollins match at Money in the Bank. Wyatt should have been disqualified instead of pinned clean, this really hurt his character. He wasn’t even on the PPV, so this made everything look worse for him .The ending was a typical ending, so I don’t have anything bad to say about it. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t see anything likable about Dean Ambrose running around with a stolen title. I understand the humor behind it, although it makes his character look weak. It was fun to watch him take it, but Rollins should have left with his title.


The first two hours of this show flew by because everything we saw within that time was entertaining. The third hour however, fell flat. I can’t remember the last time where I was that disappointed in a final hour of Raw. Also, matches that had the potential to be fun became victim to untimely commercial breaks. The low point of this show was hands down the twin magic spot, but the high point was easily the Owens-Cena exchange. Overall I give this show a 6.5/10

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