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Elimination Chamber Review – “THE Ryback” Edition (June 1)

With only 2 weeks worth of build, I thought the WWE did a solid job at stringing together a good show. Two of the matches carried a “big game” feel, and for the most part they delivered. Corpus Christi was originally planned to have a house show tonight, but instead they got something much better.

Tag Team Elimination Chamber This was a great way to start off the show and get the crowd excited.  I was thankful they let the two NXT alumni teams began, as the two teams have great chemistry. The New Day didn’t even start but they were best part of the opening when they started interfering with Kalisto. Sin Cara set the pace early when he landed that deadly swanton bomb, I knew it wasn’t spot of the match but it looked great. I’m not sure if the camera man botched his angle or Cesaro botched his uppercut, but they did not look smooth when entering. Cesaro made up for his early botch though with an uppercut to Kalisto while he was on top of the pod. I wasn’t surprised that the Ascension fell flat and were the duds of the contest. When watching Kalisto climb up the chamber I thought he was setting up for the spot of the night, but it wasn’t very visually appealing. Having the Dragons eliminated by the Ascension was terrible booking, I was absolutely disgusted. Cesaro took spot of the match with his beautiful drop kick to Darron Young. Anybody that can catch that much air deserves to have spot of the match. Watching Kidd & Cesaro get eliminated by the Primetime Players was a shocker to me. After this it became the New Day show. The defending champs looked great but Titus also looked great. I thought the ending was slightly lackluster, because it came from a very weak move. I was hoping for more theatrics when they got the win. Overall, this was the best way to start the show as it got me very excited for the rest of the show.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi vs Paige I enjoyed how Naomi started off strong by throwing Nikki into the announce table. When Bella was outside of the ring, the two challengers showed some decent chemistry with each other. I was a worried for how these three would handle the triple threat setting, but throughout most of the match they put up a decent show. While the three did a decent job, the powerbomb superplex didn’t look very smooth.The finish was probably the best way for them to go, but I’m sure Aaron might disagree. Overall, not a bad match, but it could have been much better.

Kevin Owens vs John Cena I was slightly upset that this was the third match on the card. In the past few weeks, the crowds have been very Owens-centric, but Corpus Christy was all over Cena, in a good way. The two men began slowly but it was done very well. Early on, the two worked well off each other. Both superstars sold well and executed each move well. I absolutely loved the AA counter into the DDT, it was graceful. Even after big moments I was glad they kept the match at a slow and calculated pace. I was worried for Owens during the middle of the match, because he was taking too much control. Luckily, everything evened out after that. As of now, I thought the pop up powerbomb was one of the more protected finishers, and I’m surprised Owens used it that early. Had Kevin landed his moonsault, it would have been the spot of the match. At this point, I think all the pessimistic viewers of the NXT champ were finally convinced on why he is champ. I thought it would have been perfect for Cena to get beat by his own finisher, that would have been a great angle to extend this feud. This match continued to impress me as the two exchanged perfectly done moves. After they looked perfect, I thought Cena’s springboard stunner looked slightly off. After it was all said and done, I was happy that Owens picked up the clean win. Overall, amazing match, and it could have headlined Summerslam.

Neville vs Bo Dallas The two worked at a decent pace. Bo Dallas looked great in this match with his new found aggression. After a while I felt this match became stale and too slow. It was fine for the early part of the match, but not acceptable for later part. Eventually, this became very boring. I thought it would be great to give them a good amount of time, but I was glad they cut them off as soon as possible.

Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber I thought for sure Wyatt would take Rusev’s place, as Henry wasn’t the most exciting replacement. Ziggler and Barrett were good choices to start the match. The two men worked a fluid match but I was hoping they’d use the chamber slightly more. After Truth entered, Barrett started to look good. He was really able to use the chamber properly. It’s safe to say these types of matches become much more exciting once more wrestlers begin to enter. I enjoyed when Henry’s pod was broken and he entered illegally because I’ve always wondered what would happen in that kind of situation. Throughout most of the contest I felt Barrett was dominating and did a good job at becoming the focal point. After noticing this, Barrett was obviously eliminated. I was not happy about this decision because he should have stuck around much longer. Sheamus actually pulled a clever heel move by jamming the door on his on, I found it quite amusing. The last 3 contestants truly took their time, and it was becoming too slow. I did however enjoy the back and forth between Ryback and Sheamus. The spot of the match came late on as Ryback powerbombed the Celtic warrior back into the ring. I must say, I’m happy with the big guy winning this match because it shows they’re serious about him. Overall, decent match, but not as good as the first chamber match.

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose JBL was absolute gold when talking down about Ambrose. It was the only thing I could concentrate on during the opening part of the match. I liked how these two paced the match to their own liking. There was no feeling that they were trying to live up to the previous match. Rollins’ stomp on to Ambrose looked devastating and brilliant. It was nice to see them use some different moves. Also, I was pleased to see the Authority interferences at a minimal during the first half. I was highly impressed with Dean’s suicide dive, simply because it sent him and Rollins over the announce table. After that spot, the match really heated up. Once they got back in the ring I felt they made good use of near falls. The spot of the match was easily Seth’s powerbomb onto Dean that sent him into the barricade. Even before it was executed I marked out. I loved how Rollins used the referee as a shield because we haven’t seen a heel use that tactic in quite some time. The ending was arguably well done but I enjoyed the theatrics. It’s been some time since this type of finish has happened and it can be refreshing once in a while. It was a good way to tease the fans and keep everybody on edge.

Conclusion This show might not have been fully lights out, but it was definitely great for the amount of build it was given. WWE pulled this show out of nowhere and made it a memorable show. This event will obviously be remembered for the Owens vs Cena match, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Not only was it a great match, it had significance behind it. Also we were given an entertaining opening and main event. Overall, I give this PPV a 7.5/10. To hear more of my in depth thoughts of the event, check out the latest podcast at the Pro Wrestling Vortex. Myself and Aaron Flow broke down the entire PPV and discussed other news in the world of pro wrestling.

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