On to the NXT One – New Finn Balor Merchandise Edition (May 28)

Last week’s Takeover special wasn’t the strongest one we’ve seen, but I was still excited to see how the feuds would play out last night. While there was story line advancement, the urgency wasn’t fully there. It was great to see some different faces wrestle though.

Opening Promo

Owens continues to show me that he is amongst the best heels in pro wrestling as he made fans think that Zayn would be coming out. This was such a simple heel tactic but he knows how to get the full effect from it. What makes Kevin’s abilities on the mic brilliant is how he can easily adapt to what the crowd is chanting. I had no idea how he was going to flip the anti-Cena chants back on the crowd, but he found a way. Owens did a good job at following up on Samoa Joe’s appearance last week, I think he properly planted the seed for their future program. William Regal’s entrance was a pleasant surprise, but Solomon Crowe’s entrance just left me speechless. Crowe cut a solid promo and found a way to fit in with the segment. Overall this turned out to be one of the better opening segments I’ve seen on NXT.

Bayley vs Emma

I wish they had booked Bayley vs Dana Brooke, because we’ve seen this matchup too many times. At this point Emma has jobbed out so many times that it was difficult to take her seriously. I enjoyed Bayley’s early aggression in the match as it grabbed my attention. Emma showcased her heel persona much better than she has in past weeks. I was extremely shocked to see Bayley tap out, my jaw dropped to the floor. My previous comments made me feel embarrassed for even typing them. This is the beauty of NXT though, they know how to make most wrestlers look strong.

Elias Samson & Mike Rallis vs Blake & Murphy

I was opposed to Bliss interfering in last week’s match but I thought she looked good when coming out with the champs. Even her facial expressions just shouted heel. It was apparent that the commentators couldn’t care less about the action in the ring. They were either speaking of Enzo and Cass or Cory Graves’ TV show on the WWE Network. The finish of the match looked impressive, but other than that I didn’t find much entertainment value in this contest. The only entertaining moment was watching Bliss land a sparkle splash, after the match.

Tye Dillinger vs Finn Balor

After noticing Finn’s new bandana, I realized this man will be moving merchandise faster than anybody once he is moved to the main roster. I felt bad for Dillinger, as I do in most of his appearances, because this match was just a way to showcase Finn. It was amusing to hear Graves talk about Tye being a threat for Balor. This contest wasn’t anything great but I had fun watching them set up the finish, as usual for any Balor match.

Kevin Owens vs Solomon Crowe

At least Solomon Crowe was given the main event to take his beat down. It would have been worse if they just had Owens take him out in the opening segment. I don’t even think Riley was beaten down as bad as Solomon, which is something didn’t agree with. Crowe should have been able to put up a better fight. I don’t think there was much to say about their bout. In all honesty in was a glorified squash match. The best part of this match was undoubtedly Samoa Joe’s entrance to the ring after the match. While I’m excited to see Joe in a WWE ring, I couldn’t stop thinking how Finn Balor is the number one contender and should be chasing Owens for the title. Why does Joe get to chase the championship before the demon?


I was excited to see the fall out of NXT Takeover and I had my hopes set high. This particular episode didn’t disappoint, but it wasn’t spectacular. I felt we could have seen more story development from Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Also they could have followed up on Finn Balor’s match with Tyler Breeze. The low point of the show was the tag match as it didn’t grab my attention. The high point was definitely the opening segment. Overall, I give this show a 7.4/10.

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