Black and Blue – Repeat Edition (May22)

For the past few weeks I felt Smackdown has been solid. The show has managed to build some excitement for the fans, and I always encourage people to tune in. This week I was heavily disappointed. After such a strong Raw, it seemed as if the booking team became lazy with this show.

Opening Segment

This was one of Roman’s better promos. It makes it easier for him to be natural when the crowd is hot for him. I thought it was premature for Roman to announce his entry into the Money in the Bank match. As a fan, I would like to know where Reigns is headed for Elimination Chamber. The promo fell flat once Kane made his way out. Lately I’ve enjoyed Kane, but his lines were forced in this segment. If he had just announced the matches with little banter, I think this opening would have been much better.

Four Corners Tag Team Match

The crowd was very hot for the Lucha Dragons, and it made me wonder why they haven’t been used that often. With Xavier Woods and Titus O’Neil on commentary, I knew focusing on the match was going to be tough. Tyson Kidd looked great while he took on the big load of this match. He can easily make the other performers look better. Normally I’d expect Kalisto to steal the show but last night was Sin Cara’s night. Every move of his looked crisp and clean. I felt that every team in this contest made an impact, except for the Los Matadores. They didn’t do anything of importance and they didn’t look strong at all. The dragons were in need of a big win and this victory was well deserved. It’s fair to say they can be considered one of the favorites to win next Sunday.

King Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler

I swear that we’ve seen this match on Smackdown a dozen times in the past few weeks. Dolph Ziggler could have wrestled anybody else on the roster. I would have preferred if he took on Bray Wyatt. That contest would have been fresher. Since these two have wrestled so much in the past few weeks I had a tough time becoming invested. The match didn’t have my attention but I did enjoy Barrett’s beat down on Dolph outside the ring. I was also pleased that it ended clean, because they could have easily booked Rusev to interfere.

Paige Promo

Giving Paige a moment to cut a promo was a good way to reintroduce her to the fans and the story line. After not seeing her for an extended period of time, she was a sight for sore eyes. Her promo wasn’t very strong, but I can see how it appealed to a younger crowd. I actually thought Naomi came out and cut a stronger promo. S3r           he’s become a solid heel. The two divas exchanged some harsh insults and it became intense quite fast. Bella’s timing was great, but I couldn’t stop laughing at her botched spot outside of the ring. Luckily for her, Tamina and Naomi played along. I believe this promo was a good way of getting people to take this WWE divas division seriously. All 3 of them left looking strong.

R-Truth vs Stardust

It doesn’t matter how far down the card R-Truth is, he always finds a way to excite the crowd. After seeing the match up here, I realized they could have just switched with Ziggler and Barret. Truth would face Barret and Ziggler would face Stardust. This way we don’t have to watch these multiple rematches. I’m having a tough time understanding their mini feud, because it’s not going anywhere. If these two had a purpose to exchanging wins I might have more interest. Considering how Truth won at Payback, Stardust could have taken this match.

The Mega Powers vs Adam Rose & Heath Slater

I had no idea who was going to pick up the win between these two jobber teams. This was probably our way of finding out who was at the bottom of the ladder. Heath Slater was a treat, because we don’t normally see him and when we do he delivers. If fans thought Rosa sounded annoying when she screamed in Spanish, she sounded just as annoying in English. The Mega Powers should have lost this match. They could have a running joke where they lose every match unlike the real Mega Powers.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

WWE was set on making sure they added as many repeat matches on this show. I enjoyed their encounter on Monday, but I didn’t want to watch it again on Thursday. Watching this matchup for the second time in a week made me feel as if Ambrose was feuding with Wyatt rather than Rollins. This particular bout still looked good though. The spot of the match was undoubtedly Dean’s tornado DDT to Bray outside of the ring. Bray would have stolen the show if he landed that Sister Abigail on the barricade, but it left the fans hanging. I was expecting the interferences to lead Ambrose to losing the match. Reigns wasn’t even in the bout but he looked amazing when he landed the superman punch on Wyatt. Overall, decent way to end the show and leave Dean looking strong heading into next week.


Normally I enjoy Smackdown and matches that are scheduled. This particular show was the complete opposite of last weeks and it didn’t feel fresh. For a decent amount of weeks I felt Smackdown was picking up steam, but they fell flat tonight. Overall I give this show a 6.2/10, simply because it failed to keep me interested.

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