On to the NXT One – Joe’s Going to Kill You Edition (May 21)

Earlier in the week I was convinced this show would be the best Takeover yet. I was wrong, but it wasn’t terrible. The show was actually decent and the last two matches were amazing. I just wish the show was paced out better.

Tyler Breeze vs Finn Balor

Both men had spectacular entrances, easily the best I’ve seen on NXT ever. Those entrances alone stole the show. These two started slow but immediately picked up the pace. I personally didn’t like how they acted as if Itami was just injured before the show, especially since Triple H informed the media through a conference call earlier yesterday. Just about every move these two executed was smooth. Not the spot of the match, but I was very impressed with Balor’s apron stomp on Breeze. Tyler didn’t get much offense against Finn, but his super model kick was probably his strongest move in this bout. The near falls in this contest felt natural and never forced. The spot of this match was undoubtedly Balor’s move from top of the tron. I can’t be the only one to think that Finn looked like Spider-Man when he landed the Coup de Grace .I think they picked the right man to win this match, and it was a great way to open the show.

Dana Brooke & Emma vs Charlotte & Bayley

I thought Brooke would have put up a better fight in the opening seconds of the match. Bayley looked great to began the contest, in terms of execution and selling. I’m glad they allowed Emma to look strong throughout the match because it made her seem much more credible. Charlotte absolutely looked amazing on the hot tag, and she made Brooke look like a complete rookie (which she is). While I predicted the heels to come out on top, they did a good job at making the babyfaces win. There were no particular spots in this contest but it was a decent way of showcasing these women .Overall, solid match and good way to keep the crowd excited.

Rhyno vs Baron Corbin

It was great to see Rhyno take full control early in the match. This way we knew the win would not come easy to Corbin. While Baron has received his fare share of judgement from fans, I think he made a great impression with his moves in this particular match. As I predicted, this bout didn’t sweep anybody off their feet but it did the job at making both men look strong. There were no amazing spots in this, just a lot of strong moves. Overall, I thought this match accomplished what it set out to do, which was putting Corbin over.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Blake & Murphy

Normally I can’t see much in Amore’s wrestling abilities, but he was on fire in this match.   The champs were very good at selling fear of Big Cass, because it made him look much more threatening. The champs looked quite agile in their moves throughout the contest. The near fall after the powerbomb was very nerve racking, I honestly thought Blake & Murphy had it in that moment. The spot of this match easily the tornado DDT for Amore, it looked painful and it got the crowd going. Big Cass looked awesome in his hot tag moment. I absolutely hated the finish of this match. There were many ways to turn Alexa Bliss heel and have her align with Blake & Murphy, but this was not one of them.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

I loved how they treated this match as a co-main event. It really had a “big game” feel to it. I’m glad they didn’t start off slow, because they made it feel as if they hated each other. An early spot of the match was Sasha’s arm twist on to the apron. While Banks had the spot of the match, Becky looked better during the first few minutes. Throughout the match I’m sure all fans felt the intensity between the two. Once Sasha took control, she looked unstoppable (pun not intended). The ground sequence between the two was brilliant, and Lynch ended it with a beautiful back drop. Once Becky gained momentum, she stole the show. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a huge Sasha mark, but Lynch look spectacular in all aspects. She showed great emotion throughout the entire bout. I’m glad this ended cleanly, it was a great way to end a great match.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

I thought it was a nice touch that Owens was wearing Cena’s shirt. As a fan, I was happy to see Sami start the match off strong. Owens looked great selling moves and it was a change because we don’t normally watch him sell. The powerbomb tease outside the ring was intense and it had me on the edge of my seat. I felt it was a treat to watch Zayn execute many of his moves, especially on Owens. Usually I can’t stand wrestlers using finishers out of no where in a middle of a match, but I loved the use of the pop up powerbomb on Sami. This spot was a solid way of changing momentum. This match got much better once the Owens beat down began. It looked too real and the refs interfering made it more effective. The beat down was great but Regal interfering was unnecessary. If this match wasn’t already entertaining, it got much better with Samoa Joe making his way out. I was confident Cena would interfere, but Joe interfering was way more epic. Many wrestling fans would bicker about a no contest match, although this was an exception.


I honestly enjoyed this show, but it wasn’t as good as the past Takeover specials we’ve been exposed to. The matches weren’t so bad and they kept the audience happy. I definitely as if the matches could have been arranged better .Overall, it was a decent show and I’ll rate it a 7.5/10

Check out my grades for each match at www.prowrestlingvortex.com 

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