NXT Takeover Unstoppable Predictions (May 20)

Tonight we get to see the NXT stars collide in what should be an amazing show. The fans haven’t seen a Takeover special since February, so I’m sure we’ll all anticipating a great show with some greats and swerves. I personally have a special feeling about tonight because this show has been the most heavily promoted Takeover.

Bayley & Charlotte vs Dana Brooke & Emma

Last time we saw four NXT divas compete in a ring for a Takeover special we were given a treat. I don’t think this match will live up to February’s fatal four way match, but I do think it will be spectacular. With that being said, I predict that Brooke and Emma pick up the victory. If it were Emma and any other heel diva, I’d say the babyface team wins, but this is Brooke’s first Takeover special. They seem very keen on the new diva and I couldn’t imagine her losing in this contest.

Baron Corbin vs Rhyno

This will be Corbin’s longest match since his debut on the NXT roster. I don’t think this match will sweep any fans off their feet, but it won’t disappoint. Rhyno will do a solid job at making Corbin look good, I can assure that. Corbin’s winning streak will not end and he will beat Rhyno.

Blake & Murphy vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

The reigning tag team champs have done a good job at creating decent characters for themselves in the past few weeks. They might not have a gimmick like their opponents, but have found some charisma to play with. I think this rivalry has run smooth and the two teams will deliver tonight. After a well worked match I predict that Enzo and Cass emerge victorious. This team is too over, and they need to have the tag titles now.

Finn Balor vs Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze has been on a hot streak lately, but I think his luck ends tonight. I enjoy watching Breeze, but I think fans would rather watch Balor win and become number 1 contender for the title. Balor will win this because he never received closure on his last appearance in the title picture. I expect these two men to steal the show, their work rate is too good for them not to.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

This feud has some history to it, and because of this the fans will be able to feel the intensity.Their chemistry together have been stellar in all aspects, I don’t expect anything less from the match. This has been a great run to bring Becky higher up the ladder, but I predict Sasha retains the title. The Boss has been a great champion, I think it would be a terrible idea to take the title off her now.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Expect this to be the last encounter between these two men, at least until they’re both on the main roster. I believe this match will be driven with emotion and will be wrestled back and forth. There probably will be many painful spots, along with a ruthless side of Sami we haven’t seen before. This entire bout will keep us on the edge of our seats but by the end Owens will pick up the clean win. My bold prediction for the night is that Owens attempts to give Zayn a nasty post match beat down, but John Cena saves the day. This way we’ll see Kevin’s feud with Cena furthered.


I believe this Takeover special has the potential to be better than the one we saw back in December. The matches are setup to include amazing work rate along with invested emotions from the fans and wrestlers. Needless to say, the Full Sail crowd will go home happy.

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