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Payback Review

For a PPV that many see as not important, I think Payback was pretty well booked last night. The hype may not have been there during the past few weeks but that doesn’t mean the WWE doesn’t know how to deliver. Sometimes “B Level” PPVs can be just as good and entertaining as the top end ones .There wasn’t a single bad match on the card, and every contest was given a perfect amount of time.

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler

The placement of this match was perfect because it was a good way to get the crowd energized. JBL receives his fair share of negative feedback from the fans but he was hilarious throughout this bout. I enjoyed how both men came out on fire and calmed down through the middle of the match. Sheamus looked great while executing all of his moves, but I’m sure Ziggler’s selling helped. I think it’s great how the size difference is evident in how they wrestle, because it shows us that Ziggler can’t easily beat someone much larger than him. The ending became exciting and I was surprised they used the “arse” spot during the match.

The New Day vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

The New Day was amazing during their pre-match promo. I really think they found a good way to get a reaction from the crowd. Cesaro looked very impressive in the match, and he probably stole the show. Normally I enjoy the swinging kick spot from Kidd & Cesaro, but they botched it during this contest. The spot of the match was hands down Big E’s belly to belly suplex on Kidd. They made a simple move look more devastating than in normally is. The spear from Langston also looked amazing, for a big man he knows how to move. The hot tag was well timed and the build to it was done well. I loved the finish to this match because it suited the New Day very well. Overall I loved this match and I hope these two teams continue to feud.

Bray Wyatt vs Ryback

For two bigger and slower men, I think the they did a good job at keeping this match fast paced. They really knew how to move around each other. The spot of the match was Wyatt’s running senton on to Ryback outside the ring. It looked as if the big guy was really hurt, and if he wasn’t that’s just a testament to his selling abilities. I enjoyed how the two men made every move look painful. That was a great way emphasizing each wrestlers style. The finish was perfect and a brilliant way of making both men look good. They made the right choice to have Wyatt go over.

John Cena vs Rusev

I thought Rusev’s pre match promo was unnecessary. Compared to how the previous matches started, this one started slow. In fact the beginning of this match did not have my attention at all. It seemed like there were too many rest spots, which get boring. The two men exchanging moves after 2 minutes of doing nothing isn’t usually entertaining. I thought the flow picked up once Cena landed an AA on steps. Also, I was impressed by barricade spot as it picked up the crowds energy. I loved when they took the match into the crowd because it’s those types of shenanigans that makes I Quit matches fun to watch. The spot of the match was Cena nailing Rusev with the laptop, after press buttons on the keyboard, I thought it was hilarious. In terms of spots that looked painful, I’d give it to Cena’s AA beside the pyro. I didn’t agree with them doing a spot with Cena being knocked out cold, I don’t believe it added anything to the match. It was obvious Lana would cost Rusev the mach and I was satisfied with the finish.

The Bella Twins vs Naomi & Tamina

I liked how Naomi embraced her heel self, she pulled it off very well. Nikki looked great during this contest, and I’m not talking about her looks. There was nothing special in the match, but there was flow to the match. Every diva looked smooth. I agreed with the finish and thought it was well done.

Neville vs King Barrett

I completely forgot about this match once it started and that was only because I would expect this to take place closer to the start. They could have opened the show, it would have felt more exciting. Either way, the two put on a good wrestling match. I was impressed with how well Neville can sell, I think his ability for that is underrated. The spots looked the same as they would in any Neville match, so I can’t say there was any particular moment that stood out. I personally liked the finish because neither of them were pinned and they both left looking strong.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton

I really loved the video package we saw before the match. It was well done with a great song. Everything about this match had a “big game” feeling. It was brilliant for them to start the match off with a bang, as they caught my attention right away. Normally I can’t stand fatal four way matches, but these men knew how to keep the action going. I actually wasn’t expecting Kane to get involved early in this match. His involvement should have been saved until the end. Reigns’ apron drop kick didn’t look any different, but the camera angle was amazing. The Shield reunion was arguably the moment of the show. I marked out so hard watching them set up the triple powerbomb, which was definitely the spot of the show. Also I enjoyed the added bromance between Reigns and Ambrose. Their camaraderie was quite touching. While Rollins and Orton botched the pedigree, I liked how the match ended.


If any of my readers looked over my prediction post you’ll know I was 7 for 8. While watching the show I didn’t consider the pre-show match part of the main card, so in my eyes I’m 7 for 7. I can confidently say that there wasn’t a single bad match on this card.Just about all wrestlers brought their best at tonight’s show. The main event was epic and probably much better than most thought it would be. I’m excited to see Ambrose-Reigns-Rollins lead this company into the future. Overall, I give this PPV a 7.3/10.

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