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Last Minute Payback Predictions (May 17)

Macho Mandow & Axelmania vs The Ascension (Preshow) 

This feud has been built over the past week and it holds no importance. I’m extremely confident that Mandow and Axdel pick up the win for this match. It seems to me that they’re been given a small push while the Ascension isn’t.

Naomi & Tamina vs The Bella Twins

Naomi has done a good job at embracing her new heel character. I also believe Tamina is positioned well teaming with her. Since they’re really pushing Naomi’s heel character, I think she and Tamina pick up the win. The only reason Nikki isn’t in a singles match is so that she doesn’t have to defend her title and beat Naomi. Don’t expect Nikki to take the pin, as that is Brie’s role in this contest.

King Barrett vs Neville

This has been a neat feud for Neville and it shows us that the WWE is serious about pushing him further up the card. I also believe Barrett has done a stellar job at carrying the feud with his mic skills. Since they are 1-1 against each other, I’m predicting Neville to leave as the victor. I don’t believe the loss would hurt Barrett and this will send the fans home happy. Plus, Neville is becoming a crowd favorite, that’s the only reason they need to have him booked to win.

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler

Last time these men squared off, Ziggler picked up the win but wasn’t the one standing tall. I’m predicting the complete opposite in this contest. Expect to see Sheamus win, but Ziggler standing tall at the end. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Sheamus got a face full of Ziggler’s “arse”. This way Sheamus can have his first PPV win as a heel and the crowd can still cheer when they see Ziggler having the last laugh.

The New Day vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

There’s no hiding the fact that the New Day is one of my new favorite attractions in the WWE. The team has been the hottest item in the division, and that’s not very common. Due to their newfound success as heel champions, I predict them to retain. Since Kidd & Cesaro are fan favorites, they won’t lose clean. I also foresee this match to steal the show, since that’s what they did at Extreme Rules.

John Cena vs Rusev

I’ve enjoyed Rusev’s rise to the top, but unfortunately he won’t be moving anywhere up for this contest. There’s no way John Cena quits in this match. The thought of him saying “I Quit” is just absurd. This will probably be the most entertaining match out of all their meetings. If Rusev doesn’t quit, I’m predicting Lana to quit for him. Since their pushing tension between the two, this would be a perfect chance for them to capitalize on that .

Bray Wyatt vs Ryback

This feud is only a transition feud for Wyatt, just until they place him in a bigger role for the summer. I don’t want to see Ryback pinned clean, but the new face of fear might need the win more than him. If Ryback doesn’t get pinned clean, I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose to book a DQ finish. In that case Ryback would win, but Bray would be the one standing tall and looking strong.

Fatal Four Way (Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose)

I honestly don’t expect Seth to lose the title until Summerslam. He has done an impressive job at playing the cowardly heel champion, and I don’t see his reign of terror ending any time soon. While I think the outcome is predictable, the drama in this match will be very exciting. We finally get to see the shield wrestle each other, but we still have to watch out for Orton. Since Randy doesn’t have that Shield connection, I foresee him finding a way to make his presence noted. Also, expect Ambrose to eat the pin.


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