Black and Blue – Payback Go Home Edition (May 15)

In order for Smackdown to hit a home run they need to keep everything simple along with shining light on all major feuds. This particular Smackdown had all the right ingredients for an excellent Thursday night show. I know many fans will skip the WWE’s “B show” but this was one not worth missing. If you have a chance, I recommend making time for this episode.

Opening Segment

Bray Wyatt Promo:

I liked how the show opened with Bray Wyatt because it was very different from what we’re used to. While this added a nice touch to the opening of the store I just wish Bray played a bigger part in the show.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns Promo:

Ambrose’s promo was refreshing; it’s been sometime since we’ve seen him open a show with a long promo. I thought Reigns entering this segment made it even better. This was the first time we’ve seen all three Shield members against each other. The moment between the two men was extremely intense and well done.  Having Ambrose’s match start right away was the perfect way to end this segment. Overall I loved this opening and it felt very meaningful.

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus

I realized that these two could possibly put together a good program sometime in the future. This was a fresh matchup and it was smart to put in on Smackdown. Since the two wrestle a brawler style they had solid chemistry in the ring. While the match was worked at a slow pace the two found a way to make every move impactful. Everything done here was executed fluidly. Ambrose found a humorous and effective way to dodge the brogue kick. That might have been my favorite moment in the match, it was simple yet memorable. I think the right person won this contest and I enjoyed how it finished. Overall I was entertained and I thought it was a brilliant way to start the show.

Rusev Promo

I think this program has become more about Rusev and Lana, which is still entertaining. This segment was effective for this duo and it made Rusev look strong before Sunday. Did Rusev edit the video for it to loop multiple times? If he did, he did a good job at making me laugh. Overall, good segment and was good way to remind fans of the match.

Ryback vs Seth Rollins

The match should have just turned into a Bray Wyatt beat down, I think it would have been much more entertaining. This match was a good way to boost the status of Ryback because he continued to fight even when he entered the match with a disadvantage. It also helped with Rollins’ image as he showcased why he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Once the big guy got moving he looked incredible. I liked how Rollins picked up the win because it put more emphasis on making his entire move set look strong. Seth has always had a deadly kick and I don’t mind that he uses it to finish his opponent .Overall, I believe this was solid match and continued to make this edition of Smackdown something special.

Kofi Kingston vs Tyson Kidd

These two started off with a bang. I loved every second of Kidd and Kingston because they know how to properly work a match. While I enjoyed every moment, I was shocked it ended so early. I thought this contest could have gone on a few minutes longer, but other than that it was fun to watch.

Bo Dallas vs Neville

I think seeing Bo Dallas on our television sets is a treat. Since we don’t see him that often, I try to savor every moment. This was a good way to showcase Neville and give him a win before Sunday. This was obviously a filler match, but another decent way to promote the match between Barrett and Neville.

Kane vs Roman Reigns

I was really hoping this match would be an exact duplicate of their confrontation on Monday. Fortunately for the fans we were given a blissful no DQ match, which was just as good. The kendo stick was a nice addition to their match but that wasn’t even the height of excitement. Roman looked smooth in all aspects, especially when he used the kick from the table and flying clothesline that followed. After seeing how much of a spot fest this contest was, I think it was evident that this was Roman’s specialty. My favorite spot of the match was definitely Kane’s chokeslam, which was a counter from Roman’s superman punch setup. I thought this match was delightful and much better than what we normally see on Smackdown. This might not have been a technical wrestling spectacle but I’m sure it left the fans in attendance happy. Even the backstage segment at the end was done perfectly. Without having all competitors for the Fatal Four Way in the ring during the match, the WWE managed to get me excited for the Payback main event. Overall, the match and segment were remarkable.


Rarely do we see a Smackdown episode flow as well as this one. The segments were timed right and the matches were high quality. Along with this we had main stars of the company make appearances, which made everything fall together just right .I believe this was the best Smackdown of 2015 so far. Overall, I give this show an 8/10.

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