On to the NXT One – Black Shorts Edition (May 14)

With a week left until NXT Takeover, the stars of Full Sail did a good job at building the hype. There may be slow periods for NXT but when they need to build a feud they do it properly. This show was quite simple, but it was able to deliver. There is no reason fans shouldn’t be excited for next week.

Solomon Crowe vs Baron Corbin

This could have easily been a NXT Takeover match. I was happy that Crowe got a chance to deliver some moves, but I was shocked Corbin wasn’t effected. From Solomon’s debut I believed he was going to be something special, although this match made me think otherwise. Clean finishes are what makes NXT great but this was a match that could have used a DQ. Overall I believed this was a terrible way to book Solomon Crowe and open the show. I’ll admit I enjoyed the post match brawl between Baron and Rhyno as it was a great way to promote their match at Takeover

Sasha Banks vs Black Shorts

I thought this match was a decent way to solidify Sasha as a threat before her match against Becky Lynch. Obviously this was going to be a squash match, but Banks did a good job at making her opponent look like a threat. Overall it wasn’t a bad match and it was a good way to get the Boss on the show.

Alexa Bliss vs Carmella

I liked how they scheduled back to back women’s matches, it was rather refreshing. During the early stages of this match it was clear that Carmella has drastically improved from the last time she competed by herself. The two women put on a great show but it was tough to pay attention with Blake & Murphy standing ringside .I would have preferred this match to have ended without having any outside antics. Alexa was definitely the right choice to win and it was a good chance to raise her credibility. While Bliss won I felt Carmella was the true winner because she absolutely amazed me with her promo. The queen of Staten Island usually gets criticized for everything but she was perfect in her delivery while insulting the tag champs.

Finn Balor & Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze & Adam Rose

It was great to see Rose in role where we could take him seriously. It was also good to see that Rose and Balor had awesome chemistry. I feel as if we haven’t seen Balor in serious competition in quite some time so I enjoyed watching him in every aspect for this contest. Breeze and Rose made a good tag team considering their similarities, also they worked well together as a tag team. The spot of this match was Adam’s spinebuster because it just looked painful. There’s moments where I think that could be his finisher. We all know Balor’s pelay kick looks amazing, but it never ceases’ to amaze me on how he can execute it. The best part of the contest was watching the Balor and Itami not get along. Hideo might not be competing in the triple threat next week but it was a good way to build tension. Breeze left ring standing tall and I’m convinced he might actually be the one to win next Wednesday.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens – Face to Face

This segment was simple but extremely effective for their storyline. I loved Zayn’s comments towards Owens because they felt very personal and hurtful. Kevin didn’t say much and he didn’t have to. While this promo wasn’t heavy in content it delivered.


Other than the opening match, I believed every aspect of this show was fun. Every segment furthered story lines and they put on some entertaining matches. I believe this was a good go home show for NXT Takeover. Overall, I give this this show a 7.9/10.

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