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Wednesday Wrap Around – Analyzing May’s Second PPV, Elimination Chamber (May 13)

On Monday the WWE announced that they’ll be holding a second PPV in May, Elimination Chamber. This event will take place two weeks after Payback and two weeks before Money in the Bank. I believe this was a brilliant idea by the WWE and it’s the reason fans purchased the WWE Network. Not only do we get a chance to see urgency in the short term booking, we’ll see more wrestlers involved with different titles. In my analysis I will explain why this is great for the WWE Network and how they can potentially book different Chamber matches.

This is why the Network was created

A full year after the WWE Network was launched many of us fans have been begging for more original content, that is why we all purchased it. Having Network exclusive PPVs (or specials) give us more to watch. The WWE might overexpose their product slightly on television, but additional PPVs is something fans can get used to. As of now we’re not too sure how many matches there will be but I can assure they will showcase every top star. With all top programs being shown that means they have to show much more urgency when it comes to Raw and Smackdown. Assuming they don’t allow current feuds to reignite in this two week build, we can be assured that the television product will feel fresh. In fact, this might be the best time to test out new feuds and see how the fans react to them. This will not devalue any of the other two PPVs surrounding it, but will only make those more exciting.

Considering how the Network will be free for new subscribers in May, they’ll be doing there best to make sure they stick around afterwards.

Potential Chamber Matches

The WWE has announced that the Tag titles and Intercontinental title will be defended at the late May PPV. From how their statement came across it seems to me that the tag team championship will be defended in the Elimination Chamber. If so, we can be given quite the show from the underrated tag division. I think choosing the teams that should be involved will be rather easy. Expect to see the Lucha Dragons, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, and The New Day, which could be a show stealer. These different teams have proven within the past few months that they’re capable of putting on five star matches. Either of these teams would be a great fit as champs and I don’t think they can go wrong.

As for IC title picture, I think the direction will be simple. I foresee Bad News Barrett, Neville, Ziggler, Sheamus, Ryback, and Bray Waytt taking part for in this Chamber match. If they’re smart they’ll book Wyatt as the new IC champion heading into the summer. Bray would do the title a lot of justice the same way Cena has done for the US title. Along with this it would raise his credibility.


My enthusiasm for the upcoming PPV cannot be hidden and I’m confident that this show will be a home run for the WWE. I believe the Network was created to give the fans more wrestling and furthering of story lines. Not just that but it will be a great way to setup refreshing matches and feuds. WWE may have finally hit their stride with the Network and how to use it properly.

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