Raw Predictions (May 11)

It wasn’t until I began to write this post, that I realized the WWE only has 2 scheduled matches for Payback. I find that rather odd considering how good Raw was last week. The overall tone of this show will be based on other matches being announced.

Randy Orton/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose

After watching the entertaining contract signing on Smackdown I knew Randy Orton would not be an after thought for this feud. There’s quite a few ways they can book this feud for tonight’s show, they can either go for the tag team match, singles competition, or rare triple threat match. Personally, I think they’ll go with giving us a triple threat match between Orton, Ambrose, and Reigns. This would be a good way to keep Rollins on commentary and not have to eat a pin by one of the babyface competitors. Don’t be shocked if these 3 wrestlers have to pull double duty for the night.

John Cena/Rusev

This feud is extremely stale right now, and I’m just waiting it to be over. We all know Rusev most likely won’t beat Cena at Payback, because Cena has done so much justice to the championship. With the assumption that other fans think the same thing, the WWE needs to put Rusev over in a large way to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of fans. We’ve seen beat downs throughout this feud but tonight we’ll see Rusev give Cena a brutal beat down. This beat down will be so severe that the fans may start to believe that Cena will quit on Sunday.

The New Day/Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

The New Day has been extremely entertaining as of late. I can’t remember the last time where I was this entertained by the tag champs. These two teams did have a rematch on Raw about 2 weeks ago but they’ll announce another match by the end of tonight. My prediction for tonight in regards to this feud is that Kidd & Cesaro will win a number one contenders match against the Ascension. After they win this contest the New Day will make their way out to begin a physical altercation.

The Bellas/Naomi and Tamina

I don’t truly understand Naomi as of right now, but I look forward to how WWE continue to build her heel character. With the way they ‘ve brought back Tamina, I’m convinced they plan on booking a tag team match at Payback. As of late the Bellas have been on the bad side of multiple ambushes and beat downs, I expect this to continue tonight. Expect Nikki to square off with Tamina, but once Nikki pulls out a win, Naomi will attack her.

Wade Barrett/Neville

This feud has been heavily linked to the one mentioned below, but I predict that tonight they will have their own segment. These two will most likely compete against each other at Payback, but they just need the official announcement. Don’t be surprised if the two have a backstage segment, which leads to Barrett costing Neville a match tonight. As for Neville’s opponent, I predict that he’ll wrestle Sheamus.

Dolph Ziggler/Sheamus

If Sheamus is wrestling Neville that can only mean Ziggler will be wrestling Bad News Barrett. Expect more shenanigans to occur in this match than the Sheamus-Neville one. This contest will obviously end in Sheamus and Neville interfering. I don’t expect their match to be announced here, but most likely during a backstage segment.


While the WWE has a lot to do tonight, it doesn’t feel like that. Most of these feuds have been running consistently so it’s a given that every feud listed will have a match at Payback. I don’t expect this episode to be as good as last week’s but I think they’ll put on a great show to get the fans excited for Sunday.

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