On to the NXT One – Like a Boss Edition (May 7)

Last night’s NXT took a different direction from where they usually go, but it worked for them. The fans were able to watch the performers build their feuds more than wrestle matches, which is essential for any good pro wrestling promotion. I had a blast reviewing this show, and I highly recommend watching it before reading my review.

Emma vs Charlotte

I’ve always been a fan of Emma, but I didn’t think she stood a chance against the former NXT Women’s Champion. The opening of this contest was quite boring, and the only thing fun about it was listening to the Full Sail crowd. Knowing Emma was going to lose, it was great to see her get slight advantage over Charlotte during the middle portion of the match. I enjoyed how Flair was able to sell the injured knee because she made it look hard to walk or move at all. The crowd began to chant “better than Reigns” after Charlotte’s botched spear, and it made me wonder if they even think about chants before starting them. It was satisfying to see Bayley get revenge on Emma after the match, it was the most entertaining moment within this 8 minutes.

Kevin Owens Interview

I absolutely loved this interview. Many times we have heard Owens talk about why we wanted to be NXT Champion, but we’ve never heard him go this in depth. Normally I find Michael Cole rather annoying but even he was more passionate than ever during this interview.

Bull Dempsey vs Rhyno

To be honest, I completely forgot that Bull was still a member of the NXT roster. I didn’t get too comfortable with the back and forth of this match, because I knew it would come to an end very soon. This like any other Rhyno match was used to build his credibility. When he called out Baron Corbin for NXT Takeover I was thrilled because that feud could go either way.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

While we were all eagerly waiting to watch Dawson and Wilder compete, we had to wait another day. I found the backstage beat down on Enzo and Cass from the tag champs effective, but I didn’t think Carmella did a good job at selling it. Maybe the creative team here should realize that Carmella doesn’t always need to be involved with the group.

Sami Zayn Interview

This interview was solid, but not as good as Owens. Sami also felt intense during this interview, but I guess it lacked the drama because Cole wasn’t as animated.

Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks Contract Signing

I didn’t care much for Becky’s added promo, because we heard the exact same thing in the video package they aired earlier in the show and last week. When it came to signing the contract, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone do it the way Sasha did last night. The stamp was easily the best way I’ve seen a wrestler sign a contract. Overall I enjoyed the brawl as it added a lot to this fun feud.

Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze

The NXT Universe has seen this match too many times within the past three months, but Finn Balor at ring side made everything feel much more special. Breeze’s reasoning for slowing down the match was utterly hilarious, and in an odd way it makes Itami look much more threatening. The comedy was strong in this match as Hideo even teased a knee drop without his kneepad. Tyler was definitely the star in this contest as he was on point with in ring trash talk and executing his moves. I couldn’t have been the only one to notice how both men spent much more time striking each other, much more than their previous encounters. The ending was perfectly done as it gave this program some much needed drama. Teasing the fans with tension between Balor and Itami was great, but having Breeze take it away was just brilliant. Overall, the pace of the match felt slow, but the drama made up for it.


NXT is known for the quality of wrestling they put together, but sometimes being a good wrestler doesn’t mean the show will be great. In tonight’s episode we found out that the superstars of Full Sail are more than capable a carrying a feud in different ways. I was glad most of the main stars didn’t have to compete but instead worked on building stories. Overall I give this episode a 7.8/10.

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