Wednesday Wrap Around – Chris Jericho vs Stone Cold Steve Austin : Battle of the Podcasts (Network versions)

I might be a week late with this article, but I feel the need to address the most exciting show on the WWE Network, the Live Podcasts. The fans were first introduced to Stone Cold and his hard-hitting questions with Vince McMahon. Considering we don’t hear much from Vince “the person” it was a great look into the genius mind of WWE’s CEO. After that there was a similar one with Triple H, which I thought was better. The WWE then decided to switch to Chris Jericho as the host (I’m not going into the possible reasons for the switch) and there was a slight uproar from the fans. Jericho introduced a more laid back style which allowed his interviewees to be more comfortable, which was also entertaining to watch. For this post I want to discuss the reasons why both hosts are great at what they do, and what makes them special.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

 When Austin and McMahon had their interview it felt like a big step for the company, as it was the first time they have broken kayfabe to that extent. I personally loved the interview, because Austin asked the hardball questions, and his personality suited the style he was going for. We later saw him do the same with Hunter, where they spoke more in depth about the industry. For these two interviewees, Austin was probably the best choice for interviewer. He has tons of history with both of them, and all of them together were apart of what made the Attitude Era great. Also with egos as large as Vince’s and Hunter’s, I feel Austin would be the only one to keep them in line. Steve’s status in the wrestling world truly gives him the right to ask any question he pleased. With that being said, I don’t believe this style would be fun with anybody on the current full time roster. Vince and Hunter needed to be grilled, but would it be as much fun if it were Roman Reigns or John Cena? I think potential interviews like those might come out more awkward and just forced, because Austin doesn’t know someone like Cena the way he knows Vince or Hunter. Steve has made it known he enjoys Cena’s work, but that doesn’t mean the two personalities would mesh.

Chris Jericho

Y2J’s podcasts have been the complete opposite from Austin’s in terms of style and vibe. Jericho keeps his interviewees more relaxed and prefers to take it easy as opposed to throwing multiple “controversial” questions. As of now he has only interviewed John Cena and Stephanie McMahon, and I don’t believe Austin would have done a better job. Cena is someone Jericho has worked alongside for multiple years, and their conversation sounded natural. Not only did they give the fans new stories about the two, he brought up the only question fans wanted to hear “will you turn heel”. Other than that, all Cena could give us is his different adventures throughout his career. Just last week we saw Chris interview Stephanie McMahon, and many can say she’d be better with Austin, but wouldn’t be too similar to Hunter’s and Vince’s? Plus Jericho and Stephanie have much more history working together, thus being able to give us more stories. After hearing McMahon talk about her experiences growing up in a WWE world, along with hearing her talk like an ordinary person, I realized there was no better way to interview her. With this being said, I don’t believe this style would go great with Vince or Hunter. Since Jericho isn’t as highly regarded as Stone Cold, who’s to say he would be able to ask “controversial” questions. There would be a good chance the two men in charge wouldn’t take him as seriously.


My opinion on the podcasts stands neutral, as I see the pros and cons of both interviewers. It seems as if Jericho will continue with this show, and it only makes sense because of his style and closer relationship to the current roster. I believe Austin has done his part, and has gotten the best of the CEO and the COO, which only he could do. Needless to say, I’m excited to see who will be interviewed next.

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