Raw Predictions (May 4)

Tonight’s Raw has an unpredictable feeling to it, which is something I haven’t felt in a while. This means the show can find new ways to surprise me in good or bad ways. As usual, I’m excited for tonight’s show, and I highly believe we’ll see a lot of story line advancement.

Randy Orton/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns

Last week Reigns and Orton were on the same page as they took down the Authority, but I suspect they won’t be tonight. Since all 3 men will be competing at Payback against each other, we need to see some tension. We’ll notice a drift between the two in the opening segment, and it will accumulate in the main event, with Randy Orton standing tall. Don’t be shocked if the two actually wrestle each other in the main event. If they take this route for tonight, Rollins will not be the focal point as he was last week.

Ryback/Bray Wyatt

These two have finally gotten their feud started, and it’s been quite fun watching Bray go after the big guy. I can’t imagine Ryback getting even any time this week, because Bray will look weak, but instead he’ll take his anger out in another squash match. After the match we’ll probably see another Wyatt promo. If they do happen to have a physical altercation, Wyatt will ambush Ryback, but he won’t succeed and will leave the ring.

Nikki Bella/Naomi

These two haven’t interacted that much as of late, and this will change tonight. I’m predicting the two to have a backstage segment together, but with no punches being thrown. I can picture the Bellas in tag team action against Naomi and a partner of her choice (which might actually be Cameron).

John Cena/Rusev

Heath Slater almost wrestled John Cena last week, and I believe he’ll get his shot this week. The match will definitely contain some humor, but sometimes that’s fun to watch. Like last week, I’m predicting them to keep Rusev and Cena away from each other, just in order to keep the excitement alive in their program. Both will be involved in separate matches, and will come out looking strong.

Dolph Ziggler/Sheamus

Last Tuesday, Ziggler made sure Sheamus didn’t win the King of the Ring tournament, and I predict they’ll heavily continue their feud tonight. Dolph was able to get the last laugh last week, but this week he’ll be on the bad side of a Sheamus beat down. I think this will occur in Ziggler’s one on one match, but it will end in DQ because of Sheamus. As for Ziggler’s opponent, I think it would be a great show of continuity if they had him wrestle Dean Ambrose.

King Bad News Barrett

I felt giving Barrett the King of the Ring title was a great choice, but it’s important on how they book him from here. They obviously see him as someone with tons of potential, and I predict he’s due for a solid push. He beat Neville last week in the finals, and I’m predicting these two continue their feud. It makes sense because both of them have English backgrounds, and they’re capable of putting on a great show in the ring. Also, BNB is good enough on the mic to carry this feud. Tonight they’ll continue their program over in a backstage segment.


The only thing I can guarantee on this show is that Miz or some other heel will find a way to insult the Montreal Canadiens, because the show is being held in Montreal. Other than that, I hope we’re given a few surprises from the WWE tonight, as they need to find a way to get fans excited for Payback.

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