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King of the Ring Rundown (Apr.29)

If you haven’t seen the King of the Ring special on the Network, I highly recommend you watch it before reading my review. This was an action packed show, and it was easy to follow. I can’t recall the last time they managed to entertain me so much within one hour.

Sheamus vs Neville

This show actually took much longer to start than I expected, but I enjoyed the interviews. Everything about this one hour special gave me the same feeling I get when the NHL playoffs start, and that’s definitely a good thing.

I was pleased how the two began this match with a fast pace because I think it was necessary to get the crowd excited right away. The spot of the match was when Neville went face first into the announce table, it sounded painfully, and looked pretty brutal. Similar to how he adapted to Luke Harper’s move set, Neville was pure gold at selling Sheamus’ moves. I liked the finish of this match, because it was able to push Neville while furthering Sheamus’ feud with Ziggler. After seeing how everything unfolded, I’m glad they chose the distraction finish for this contest as opposed to using it on Raw.

Bad News Barrett vs R-Truth

Barrett looked very fluid in this match; all of his moves were very well executed. Most of us would probably guess that Barrett would make it into the next round, and we haven’t been given much reason to believe otherwise .I noticed the commentators were much more grounded during this match, and it was much more easy on the ears than their comments during the previous match. No particular big spots, but I thought it would go on much longer than it did. This wasn’t bad by any means, but in the end in felt too predictable, because we knew they weren’t going to go anywhere with Truth. They made a smart choice in having Barrett advance.

Bad News Barrett vs Neville

These two put on an awesome match at Extreme Rules, I expected nothing less from this one. They utilized their time outside the ring well, and I liked how they didn’t stay there too long. The spot of this match was definitely Neville’s springboard moonsault to the outside. I can’t remember the last time Neville used his german suplex on someone larger than him, but I was pleased to see that he pulled it off with Barrett. I thought this match was well paced, they started off easy, and pulled out all the tricks as it went on. Barrett finished the match and won the tournament with the best bullhammer I’ve seen him deliver. Everything about it was well timed, and sold to look devastating. 

Bad News Barrett was the best choice to win this tournament. He had a hard time keeping up before Mania, but as of late he has found his footing within the WWE, and he earned this spot. It seems to me he’s getting the push he received before his injury last summer.


This was a solid show, and a success for the WWE. It was done last minute, but I think the WWE found a way to make it work. Specials such as this are great for promoting the WWE Network. At one point King of the Ring was just something us fans would reminisce about, but now the WWE has found a way to revive it. Overall I give this show an 8/10.  

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