Raw Predictions (Apr.27)

I always consider the night after Extreme Rules to be the real post-Mania hang over, because it’s when most of the feuds have fizzled away, but not tonight. After given a stellar show, I’m convinced Raw will deliver tonight.

Seth Rollins/Randy Orton/Kane

 After Kane’s interference in last night’s cage match, I’m expecting him to become a part of this feud. Payback is only 3 weeks away (including this week) and they’ll need to book a main event soon, that will most likely be Kane vs Rollins vs Orton in a triple threat match. We all know that Orton dislike’s both of them, but I think tonight we’ll see more growing hatred from Kane to Rollins and vice versa. I don’t foresee Hunter being as involved as he was last Monday, and I think that’s of the better.

John Cena/Rusev

This feud will continue to follow the simple formula that it did after Mania. We will see Rusev in a squash match, and the Cena open challenge. The two men have been feuding for 3 full months, and they need breaks in order for everything to feel fresh. While we noticed cracks in the Rusev-Lana relationship, don’t expect for the to build on that tonight, that will most likely be his program after Payback. Cena on the other hand will have an open challenge, and I believe it should and will be accepted by Bo Dallas. This might not be the best match for him, but it can lead to some solid comedy.

Roman Reigns/Sheamus

After an awesome match against the Big Show last night, I hope they manage to build something new for Reigns moving into Payback. He’s naturally getting over with most of the crowd now, and I believe they should keep him at this pace. A rivalry with Sheamus would be a great idea, and it can easily start from Roman telling Sheamus to pick on someone his own size. I imagine Roman will interrupt a Sheamus promo tonight, or possibly make the save during a Sheamus beat down. If neither of this happens, I’d expect the Celtic Warrior to continue his program with Ziggler.

Neville/ Bad News Barrett

On last night’s preshow we were given a solid match from these two competitors. As it stands, I’m sure Barrett will want some revenge after his loss to Neville. The entire English connection makes sense for the two, and Barrett can carry the feud with his mic work. I predict tonight that BNB will find a way to cost Neville a match, thus furthering their program into Payback.

The New Day/Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

This was by far the most shocking outcome from last night’s PPV, I definitely did not see that coming. Obviously the WWE is now pushing the new day as the official heel group in this tag division. I predict that tonight we’ll see Big E vs Cesaro in singles competition, and the New Day finding a way to interfere. While Kidd & Cesaro have subtly turned babyface for this program, I’m predicting they’ll make an official turn during this match. I’d love to see the Lucha Dragons get involved, but their turn might have to wait until Money In the Bank.

Bray Wyatt

I’m almost out of guesses and predictions for Bray Wyatt, because I was confident he’d make an appearance at last night’s show. I highly believe they’ll pair him with Ryback, I just don’t know when, but it won’t be tonight. We’ll most likely receive a cryptic message from him once again.


My predictions and probably any other preview article might make Raw sound more bland than exciting, but I expect tonight’s show to be entertaining. Since the WWE has booked a few angles for the long term, it will be interesting to see how they continue those and start new feuds.

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