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Extreme Rules Predictions (Apr.25)

After an epic Wrestlemania, the WWE has to come through with a great show to keep the interest of the fans. There’s nothing to special that sticks out about this show, but they can easily give us great outing. Most of the matchups here look solid, and I don’t doubt that we’ll see some spectacular in ring work.

Kickoff Show: The New Day vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

As of the late the WWE has pushed the New Day in this different role where they now embrace the dislike from the audience. With a new angle in place for the charismatic group, a title run wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to them. That being said, I firmly believe Kidd & Cesaro will win this match. The current champs have been amazing in this tag division, and I don’t see a reason they should lose their titles any time soon. Also, I think it would be better for them to lose to the Lucha Dragons.

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus (Kiss Me Arse Match)

I cringed just typing out the stipulation of this match. Ever since the return of Sheamus he’s been booked as someone that despises smaller people, and because of this he will be given a solid beating from Dolph Ziggler. After all the dust is settled expect Sheamus to come out on top. The Celtic Warrior will win simply because it’s his first PPV since he’s come back from his injury. I’d rather see Ziggler pick up the win, but I don’t think the WWE cares enough to give him the victory. Chances are that nobody will be kissing anybody’s “arse” on this night.

Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose (Chicago Street Fight)

This feud has been subtly booked since Wrestlemania. I do feel this could easily steal the show, because these men are familiar with each other, and can thrive in chaotic matches. I predict Dean Ambrose to score the win in this match, because he needs it badly. Harper also needs a credible victory, not as much as his opponent. That doesn’t mean both can’t leave looking strong; expect Ambrose to take a brutal post match beat down.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi (Divas Championship Match)

Personally, I’ve enjoyed this new Naomi, and think the WWE should aim to push her as much as they can with that character. The only downside about that would be making Nikki a babyface, a role that does not suit her well. As of now, I can tell the WWE is big on having Nikki represent their Divas division, meaning she will not lose this match on Sunday night. I can easily it see it being back and forth along with some near falls, but with no title change. I’m convinced they’re saving Bella’s title drop to Charlotte for sometime in the summer.

Daniel Bryan vs Bad News Barrett

WWE’s website still has this listed as a match for the show, but I think there’s a good chance we won’t see them compete. If they don’t, I hope Bryan is able to cut a promo to clarify the situation to the fans. If the match does happen, expect Daniel to pick up the win over Bad News Barrett. I like Barrett quite a bit, but as of now the Intercontinental Title is in the process of being elevated to a higher level.

Roman Reigns vs Big Show (Last Man Standing Match)

In terms of match quality, there’s a good chance this won’t be the best match of the night. In fact, if we’re lucky, the two will pull off something entertaining. This is a great chance for Roman to show us how versatile he can be, because we have yet to see him in a gimmick match. Also he’s working with the Big Show, who is normally terrible in gimmick matches, so it’ll be interesting to see how they carry this contest. There is no way Show will pull out a victory. Reigns needs to rebound after his Mania loss, and I predict he’ll do it here with a convincing win.

John Cena vs Rusev (Russian Chain Match)

Rusev has been booked very well leading into this match, and I believe this is the end of the line for him in terms of feuding for the US Championship. It hurts me to see Rusev take a step back, but Cena has just done too good of a job at elevating the status of that title. I’m extremely confident that John comes out the winner of this match. Luckily for Rusev, he doesn’t need to be pinned, which doesn’t leaving him look as weak. Regardless of the result, I think the two will wrestle a great match.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton (Cage Match/ Orton can’t use the RKO)

This match will easily have the most drama and over booking on this PPV. If it was just the two competing within the cage, I’d say otherwise, but since Kane was appointed as the “guardian of the gate”, he’ll have to become a factor. After everything is said and done, I predict Rollins to come out as victor in this contest. I wrote an article earlier this week about the pros and cons of Orton winning, but overall smart booking would have Rollins retaining. Randy isn’t allowed to use the RKO on the champion, but I can guarantee that Noble and Mercury will eat a few. After Seth picks up the win, don’t be shocked if Kane turns on him and the Authority, and goes back to being a singles competitor.


This is probably the most confident I’ve felt with my predictions heading into a PPV. While the show might be predictable, the superstars can still give us a great show, and that’s exactly what I’m expecting.

If any of my readers are located in the Greater Toronto Area, feel free to join me at St. Louis Bar and Grill in Mississauga at 6485 Mississauga Road, where we’ll be watching Extreme Rules.

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