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Wednesday Wrap Around – Pros & Cons of Randy Orton Winning the Title at Extreme Rules

We all know the the WWE is investing their time into building Seth Rollins into a major player moving forward, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he gets a win on Randy Orton come Sunday. With that being said, what would happen if the WWE decided to go the other way? While they would be moving backwards by placing the title on him, there would surely be some pros and cons in seeing a babyface Orton as our champion. It wouldn’t help Seth Rollins, but it would open up a new stream of potential feuds for the viper and some new competitors.


Since Orton has become a babyface, he’s had some newfound success in terms of getting a great crowd reaction. Before it could be said his character was bland, but ever since he’s become a more charismatic good guy, along with the help of the RKO vines, the WWE fans have really gotten behind his character. By having Randy capture the belt, he is open to many more feuds in which we haven’t seen him in before. Having him carry the title into the summer, he can easily feud with Rollins once more and then move onto to opponents such as Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt. Lesnar and Wyatt don’t have to be in a particular order, but they would be refreshing for the audience. This would also give the viper a chance at finally being the “face” of the WWE, in a way he has never been before. With the his popularity arguably at an all time high, having him hold the gold might not be the worst decision in terms of mainstream attention. Also, if the WWE feels the need to maybe go the safe route, they always have Randy there to take ball and run with it.


I’ll say this outright, the cons definitely outweigh the pros in this scenario. I enjoy both Rollins and Orton, but this is Rollins’ time to shine. If the WWE decided to put the title on a man that doesn’t need it at the moment, they would only be trending backwards. It wouldn’t make them any different from how WCW continued to push veterans instead of young talent. The WWE is currently in transition mode, and this decision would only slow it down. Moving the company into a younger mind set can be tough for everybody, but keeping the focus on the future they’re transitioning to will make the process much easier. Switching the title only a month after Rollins’ Wrestlemania cash in would only devalue that moment, and slightly bury the self proclaimed future of the WWE. While Seth has feuded with most top faces in the company, his run should not be over until at least Summerslam. This way he’s able to play with his character slightly more and perfect his heel persona.


As I mentioned above, the cons outweigh the pros, simply because it wouldn’t be best for long-term business, literally. I would love to see Orton feud with those other competitors for the title, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do it without the title. For now, the title should be placed on the younger wrestlers that are considered stars, and the veterans should be used to make them look even better. With that being said, if the company ever needed Orton to take the wheel, they know he could do a great job until someone can fill in. Whichever way the WWE decides to go on Sunday, I’m sure in in for an entertaining match.

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