Raw Predictions (Apr.20)

Ever since the NHL playoffs began, I’ve had a tough time focusing on WWE, but now that my Ottawa Senators are in a 3-0 series hole, my mind is starting to shift back. I’m expecting tonight’s show to be on the more entertaining side, as it’s the go home show for Extreme Rules. Most of the feuds have been rather cut and dry, so luckily for the WWE they won’t need to cover up much lost ground.

John Cena/Rusev

 As of last week, this rivalry has again heated up. While Rusev got the upper hand in their physical interaction from last week, I think Cena will get the better of him tonight. We’ll most likely see Rusev attempt to ambush Cena once again, but he’ll fail miserably. The best way to book this feud heading into Extreme Rules is to make Rusev seem like an underdog, because it doesn’t make sense for Cena to play that role once again. Also, Cena will most likely hold another open challenge tonight, and I predict it will be answered by R-Truth. I say this because I’ve noticed a pattern between his opponents for the open challenge, they were all involved in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match at Mania.

Bray Wyatt

For every good thing WWE does, they seem to do one bad thing with another program. Wyatt should have been coming in hot after his match with the Undertaker, but has disappeared for the most part, and has yet to call out his opponent for the PPV. They obviously have to do this tonight, or else Bray might not be on the Extreme Rules card. I’ll stick to my predictions from last week with this character, and I foresee him appearing after Ryback’s match.

Randy Orton/Seth Rollins

I highly believe we’ll see a steel cage at tonight’s show, just so we could get a tease at the end. Expect Orton to get stuck in some sort of handicap match, which will most likely be against J&J security. This will take place in the main event, but it won’t end there, as Orton and Rollins will have a confrontation in the steel cage. Since I imagine Rollins going over in the title match on Sunday, he’ll eat some RKOs tonight. This will mean more considering Randy isn’t allowed to use his finisher at Extreme Rules.


Roman Reigns/Big Show

Last week we witnessed Roman nearly murdered by the Big Show, so he’ll be seeking revenge tonight. Since the two have a very stale feud, I think they should be kept far apart from each other, rather than us seeing Roman get his revenge. That is what should happen, but it doesn’t mean it will. What I think is going might happen is a repeat of last week’s segment, but with this time the Big Show cowering away after take a few hits from the big dog.


Paige/Nikki Bella/Naomi

This feud truly swerved us fans by giving us a heel Naomi. Within the past week, the commentators on Smackdown were speaking about Paige healing up, so does that mean she’ll be taking time off? I can’t imagine a program with Nikki and Naomi where both of them work as heels. Before they begin to overcomplicate things in this program, I believe for tonight they’ll stick to a match, where we see Naomi and Paige square off. I think the former funkadactyl will pick up a big win, and cut a promo which will some how get her a match with Nikki at the PPV.


Daniel Bryan/Wade Barrett


Daniel Bryan was taken off the European tour because of an injury, so this can mean quite few things for his story line with Barrett. If he’s not good to compete by Sunday, Wade still needs a program. I predict that he’ll be entered into the Ziggler-Sheamus feud, which will then be turned into a number one contender’s match for the Intercontinental Championship. This way Bryan can take time to heal, and be ready for a full program with one of those competitors. If Daniel is okay to compete, he’ll stay as far away from any physical activity during tonight’s show. In that case I predict him being at the announce desk while Barrett wrestles his match.



 For the most part, the WWE has kept the large rivalries pretty simple, and enough to not over think the booking on tonight’s show. Other than Wyatt’s program, most feuds have maintained a decent enough pace for them to step it up for the go home show. I don’t expect tonight’s show to be any lower than a 7.5/10.

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