On to the NXT One – Smack Talker Skywalker Edition (Apr.16)

After a week of Wrestlemania recap, we were back on the road with NXT. This episode wasn’t spectacular, but it did a good job at giving the audience something different from the main roster. It was still an entertaining show, and helped setup for next week.

CJ Parker vs Solomon Crowe

I completely forgot about Crowe, because they’ve neglected him for quite some time. CJ Parker was recently released from his contract, but this edition of NXT was taped a while ago, so I forgot he could show up. Crowe easily made this match with his suicide dive, he showed the audience that he can really move in the ring. Surprisingly, CJ got in a decent amount of offense, I honestly thought he’d job within minutes. Towards the latter half of this match, it became very slow, and boring. It felt as if the two were taking a few too many rest spots, and were just finding ways to kill time. While Crowe’s post match promo was the same as his previous ones, I enjoyed hearing it because we haven’t seen much of him.

Baron Corbin vs Steve Cutler

I enjoy how they’ve taken their time with Corbin, because he hasn’t been pushed to the moon yet. He continues to work simple squash matches, and build his credibility, this works well for him. There wasn’t much to say about this contest, simply because it ended in a matter of seconds.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

I can’t help myself when Enzo & Cass come out, I feel like I need to go along with their promos, even when I watch from home. The crowd didn’t care much for this match, but they only seemed to care about Enzo & Cass. This contest only became interesting once the tag champions made their way out. I would have preferred if Blake & Murphy found a way to interfere in the match, as opposed to giving Carmella florwers. Using the valet to further this story line is a weak way to build on a feud that doesn’t need this type of gimmick.

Blue Pants vs Dana Brooke

Corey Graves hilariously buried Blue Pants on commentary, it had me laughing pretty hard. I was curious to see how Brooke would do in her first match, considering that she’s quite green to the world of professional wrestling. Once this contest began, it was obvious Dana needed a lot more training in the ring. She wasn’t awful, but compared to how high the standards are for NXT divas, she can probably use some more time in squash matches such as this. This bout was solely used to showcase the new diva, and it did just that.

Sami Zayn vs Rhyno

I was extremely excited to see Sami back in the ring, it’s been almost two months since we’ve seen him compete. This was a great use of Rhyno, and he’s in a great position to put over newer talent within the industry. Zayn did a great job at selling the strength of Rhyno early in this match. Not only was the selling on point for this contest, Zayn was able to make his agility look great with Rhyno’s powerhouse move set. Towards the middle of this, the pace began to slow down, but it was understandable because they started off quite hot. Lately we haven’t seen many devastating spine busters in the world of WWE, but the man beast dealt Zayn an awesome one. Sami did a great job at playing that Cena-esque underdog in this match, where he’d have spurts of momentum but was mainly on the bad end of the beating. Overall, I really enjoyed this bout, these two men put on a great show. It could arguably one of the better main events on NXT so far this year.


This edition of NXt wasn’t anything special, but I could see how they’re setting the building blocks for the upcoming weeks. With the use of certain superstars, and promotion of next week’s show, they’re letting us know they have more in store for us. The show wasn’t overly exciting, but it was good enough to keep me entertained. Overall I give this episode a 7.0/10.

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