Wednesday Wrap Around – Hideo Itami Moving Forward (Apr.15)

Hideo Itami has been quite the addition for the NXT roster, and has given the loyal fan base great matches. After seeing last week’s video package on Hideo, I was inspired to write about how they could use him going into the next few months. It’s crucial they make the most out of his time in NXT, in order for him to be well prepared for the main roster. The WWE has a great talent in their company, and it would be difficult to go wrong with him.

Potential Heel Turn?

As of now, NXT has one major heel, and his name is Kevin Owens. Lately they haven’t truly pushed anybody to be a top level heel (excluding Owens), but it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with Itami. The Japanese import is in the process of sharpening his mic skills, and figuring out new ways to appeal to crowds, there would be no better way than having him turn to the dark side. Automatically this opens the door to many new feuds for him to participate in. The first program off the top of my head could be one with his close friend, Finn Balor. As of now, it looks like Balor will spend some more time down in Florida, so this feud would only benefit both parties. If they decide to call up Balor sometime this summer, Hideo can continue his heel program with someone like Sami Zayn. Having rivalries with either of these men would build his credibility, especially if he came out winning.

Taking the Underdog Route

I think this route might be the most safe for Hideo’s character. After watching how he was made to be an underdog in the video package, he can loosely carry that persona to the ring. In his last feud, he came out on the losing end to Tyler Breeze, but maybe he can build off that, and deliver a story of triumph. I’m not sure what their plans would be the championship, but if they leave Kevin Owens as champion, I’m sure fans wouldn’t mind seeing Hideo conquer him. In terms of larger fan appeal, this can work wonders for him, because everybody loves an underdog story. Also it would help the WWE attract many more Japanese fans that were familiar with Hideo’s work in Pro Wrestling NOAH.


While these are only two options for Hideo, there are many other possible directions. All I know is that video package they aired last week should give wrestling fans confidence that this man will provide us with entertaining matches in the years to come .I definitely see much promise for the former KENTA in the upcoming months. He’s been able to make gold out of all of his matches thus far, and will continue to do so.

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