Raw Predictions (Apr.13)

This week’s edition of Raw will take place in the UK, meaning we might be in for a special edition. While this may be true, I’m making my predictions based on what happened last week. For the most part, I think we’ll be in for an average episode of Raw.

Seth Rollins/Randy Orton

Last week we were given the confirmation on this feud progressing into Extreme Rules for the championship. While the two only had interactions through a promo and ambush, I predict they’ll have much more tonight. Since Orton was on the receiving end of a curb stomp, expect Rollins to be on the bad end of a RKO. The two will most likely compete in a tag match, where we’ll see Orton & Reigns vs Big Show & Rollins. While this does sound extremely boring, they’ll have much more room to further this program. Hopefully they can figure out a post-match angle to intensify everything.

Roman Reigns/Big Show

So this is happening…again. While I felt they could have done without this feud, it might be the only logical feud for Roman. I do believe they could have paired him with Sheamus, that would be rather interesting. There’s nothing these two men can do to make this program exciting. It was neat back in December when they first started, but now it looks to be stale. In order to keep Roman looking strong, I think they should have him lay out a post-match beat down on Show after my predicted tag match. If they’re smart, they should keep both of them away from cutting promos.

 Bray Wyatt/Ryback

When Wyatt began his program with the Undertaker he had a few weeks to play with, but since Extreme Rules is only three weeks away, he’ll need to be more forward with his next opponent. Last week he spoke about a man that was dedicated, and I can’t think of anyone else but Ryback. The big guy has no feud at the moment, and it might be a good idea to pair him with the eater of worlds. The only way to escalate this program would be to have Wyatt cut a promo directly after Ryback winning. They can get more physical in the weeks to come.

 John Cena/Rusev

 These John Cena open challenges have been bright spots for these past few Raws, and I predict they’ll continue in this direction. I don’t foresee him and Rusev getting into any kind of altercation at this week, just because the Bulgarian brute needs to build himself before he feels confident enough to confront Cena. In terms of Cena’s opponent tonight, I believe he’ll face either Neville or Barrett. I think either of them would be great considering they’re in the UK, but Neville shouldn’t be losing two Raws in a row and Barrett needs to focus on his program with Bryan. There’s also a good chance he takes on Luke Harper.

 Divas Battle Royal

I am 100% confident that Naomi wins this match with complete dominance. It would great to see Paige pick up the win in her home country, but they need to push Naomi into a feud with Nikki Bella, just for the sake of giving us something new. It’ll be nice to see the other divas in action but I can’t expect any of them to be a front runner for the title. Charlotte has been predicted to come up soon, but it seems as if they may wait, so don’t expect her to make any sort of appearance.

 Daniel Bryan/Wade Barrett

Assuming Barrett doesn’t take on John Cena, expect these two to be in another tag match with Ziggler and Sheamus. Unless they do something unexpected for this program, I can’t imagine them stealing the show. Barrett will most likely get the big pop of the night, because they’re in his home country. At the same time, I can’t imagine anybody giving Bryan a negative response. The two haven’t had much time to exchange promos with each other, so I predict them to do just that. This feud has also been showcased more on Smackdown, so there’s a good chance it might not get any attention at all.


They might decide to swerve the audience tonight because it’s their first show of the year in the UK. If they choose to keep it as a normal Raw, I expect some minimal story development, with some decent matches. Usually when I write this, they tend to prove me wrong.


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