Wednesday Wrap Around – NXT Women’s Championship

As of late the divas division in NXT has become slightly stale, in the sense that there hasn’t been any consistent programming for the championship. While Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss was decent for two weeks, the only divas based story line that has been most consistent was that of Bayley vs Emma. This by no means is an insult on their in ring talent or ability to cut promos, I just believe their in need of a solid story heading into the next Takeover special. Assuming the next special will occur in late April or early May, I’m giving my insight on what I believe could make for an entertaining divas program.

Number 1 Contender

The last person to challenge Sasha Banks for the title has been Alexa Bliss, and they managed to put together a solid feud. This must have been penciled in for two weeks only, or else they would have setup for a more in depth feud. Now that Bliss had her chance, it’s time to establish a new number 1 contender for Sasha’s title. Last week Becky Lynch cut a backstage promo reminding us that she is still a force amongst the female athletes in NXT. I personally believe Lynch would make an awesome number one contender for the title. She has yet to have a singles feud for the strap, and it would be a great way of putting her on the top of the division since we’re expecting Charlotte to make the jump to the main roster.

Booking Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

This feud writes itself. The two divas were once a tag team in which Sasha came out as the strongest. While they showed the two breaking up before the epic fatal four way match, we haven’t gotten a chance to see how intense this rivalry could get. This program will be based around who was the better of the two in Team BAE. Obviously Sasha is well spoken on the mic, but this feud would let us see that Becky isn’t so bad herself. As of now both of these competitors are shown as heels, but in order for this feud to reach it’s full potential, one of them needs to turn babyface. I honestly believe either of them can turn because they both have the capability to perform as a babyface. With the assumption of Sasha being called up before August, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for her to turn. This way If Becky wins the title she can feud with others such as Bayley and Alexa Bliss. Even if they decide to go the idea of Becky turning face, they can play with the idea of during one of the other divas into a solid heel. This program can be stretched for several weeks, with two different matches. It would be wise to have the Boss retain in the first match, but have Lynch capture her first title afterwards.


In no way am I knocking the work that the women of NXT have done, I’m just stating a big program such as this one can easily get us excited the way we were back in December. These wrestlers have showcased to the fans that they are arguably better than their counter parts on the main roster; it’s time to remind us again. If booking were done my way, I’d have a program like this ready for the next episode or after.

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