Raw Predictions (Apr.6)

Surprisingly this Raw was tough to predict. Not because I think the show is going to be filled with unpredictable moments, but because they’ll moving feuds at a slow pace. When feuds are not moving fast the shows often get stale, and fans have a tough time believing that the WWE would do the same thing over again.

Randy Orton/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns

For the upcoming PPV, I don’t think the WWE is intending on a triple threat program. They’ll in fact go with Rollins vs Orton at Extreme Rules. It seems like the easiest root in order to build Rollins as a larger heel, and keep Orton on top. For tonight’s edition of Raw we’ll see an interaction between Randy and Roman in regards to the title match, but it’ll be sorted out one way or another. Don’t be shocked if the two men team up again to square of Rollins and other members of the Authority. While this matchup seems boring, I can’t picture them booking a different match for tonight. Consider this Reigns’ departure from the title picture, at least for now.

Neville/ Curtis Axel

Just like most fans on NXT, I’m excited to see how they utilize Neville on Raw now that he’s debuted. Last week he wrestled Axel in a squash match, but I think they can create more from this. If they can stay away from wrestling each other for the next few weeks and build a feud, they might be able to get the fans invested. Tonight I foresee Axel interfering in Neville’s match, which will most likely be against a jobber such as Adam Rose or Fandango.

Diva Division

This past Friday AJ Lee announced her retirement from WWE, and it came as a shock to the wrestling world. Without AJ, the only two well-built divas are Paige and Nikki Bella. Having two divas as the centerpiece in a weak division is not acceptable. This week we’ll see the feud between Paige and the Bellas continue, but this time Paige will have a new partner in crime. The divas segment will end with Paige receiving a post match beat down but will be saved by Charlotte. I believe Charlotte may be the only answer to help boast the wounded division.

John Cena/Rusev

 Last week these two men only interacted with each other on Smackdown. This week I predict they’ll interact once more. If the WWE is smart they’ll keep the two from getting into a physical altercation because Rusev needs to rebuild his credibility. Expect them to exchange insults through a promo. Also Rusev will be involved in a squash match to remind everybody of his dominance. With the program already set for Extreme Rules, I imagine they’ll take it slow for the rest of this feud.

Intercontinental Title

 After the way events unfolded last week, I think we’re in store for a fatal four way program between Ziggler, Barrett, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan. I personally enjoy all of these workers, and I’m glad the WWE is finding a way to keep them occupied. On Smackdown they decided to not go with the planned tag team match, but I think that’s what we’ll get tonight. I foresee Bryan and Ziggler losing to Sheamus and Barrett. The heels won’t win clean, and they’ll need to cheat. This would be a great way of building Sheamus for his new run as a heel.


 This week’s Raw may not be the most entertaining, and it’s tough to expect a lot after the wrestlers do so much for Mania. Many of the feuds are continuations while some others are in an infant stage .I think we’ll be lucky if we get a show that’s worth a grade of 7.4/10.

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