On to the NXT One – Tyler’s Ratchet Edition (Apr.2)

Tonight carried an odd flow, and wasn’t the most consistent show. NXT is currently in the process of creating some newer and fresher feuds, so I’m willing to put this aside .While it lacked proper flow, there were quite a few entertaining segments in this episode.

Sami Zayn Promo

I’ve been waiting for weeks, and he’s finally back. NXT has felt different without him, but I’m just glad he’s back in the mix. Zayn cut a simple yet effective promo, and it’s works best for him. He did a great job at building Owens as an even bigger monster, which means a lot coming from him.

Rhyno vs Jobber

I didn’t expect Rhyno to be back because we haven’t seen him in quite some time. This was a simple squash match, it was great use of elevating his monster-esque character. Rhyno eventually claimed his desire to win the NXT championship, and this must mean they’ll be inserting him into a proper program.

Bayley vs Emma

This feud has caught many people off guard, and has done a great job at captivating the NXT crowd. Emma looked to have had a different attitude, and she didn’t care much for doing her signature dance. Their bout started off slow, but they did a decent job at some technical wrestling. These two just kept this match slow and it slightly picked up when Bayley gained some steam. The outcome wasn’t great, they could have worked a better match if they were going to go with the roll up finish.

The Lucha Dragons vs Blake & Murphy

At this point we already know that the Dragons have made their main roster debut, so we knew this match wasn’t meaningful for them. Kalisto landed an impressive moonsault, and for me it was the spot of this match. The commentators didn’t even seem interested in this contest and they preferred to talk about Carmella, who wasn’t even on this show. It wasn’t faulted by any technical issues, but was faulted by being stale. The hot tag to Sin Cara didn’t do much for me either. The outcome for this match was obvious, and there was no doubt in my mind of the champs winning.

Tye Dillanger vs Jason Jordan

I take it that the NXT bookers are trying to create a new feud, and I applaud their effort. While it didn’t look appealing during their entrances, I was willing to give this match a chance. Jordan looked great in this contest, as he tossed Dillanger around. Tye didn’t look so bad either, his moves looked very aggressive. By the way this bout began, I thought it would last a few seconds, but they did a great job at carrying this 4 minute match.

Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze

2 out of 3 falls matches aren’t very common, and since these two were competing, we were in for a treat. Hideo’s knee to Breeze looked devastating, and it even made me cringe, but that shows us the Tyler is quite the good seller. I was shocked Itami picked up such a quick pin, and especially without the use of his finisher. There was no way this match was going to end with a clean sweep, and I thought they created a great spot with the beauty shot. While we’ve seen these two wrestle a few times, they know how to make the action not feel stale, which is a tough task for most wrestlers. After both men picked up a pinfall they slowed the match down, but it was needed to calm the crowd before the pace picked up again. Hideo’s leg sweep, while simple, was executed very smoothly. The ending sequence was intense, and I nearly frowned when I thought Itami was going to get pinned after the super model kick. For a moment it looked as if Hideo could have picked up the win, but Breeze landed a beauty shot to get the victory. I am shocked they went with the decision to have Breeze go over, it must mean they have big plans for him. There’s no telling what’s next for the Japanese import, but hopefully he’ll be on the winning side of his next feud.


This edition of NXT started off very hot but cooled down very fast. The middle portion of this show wasn’t spectacular, and failed to bring any kind of excitement. The show made up for it’s slow pace with a great main event. There’s no doubt Itami and Breeze stole the show. Overall, I give this show a 7/10.

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