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Wednesday Wrap Around – How to utilize Neville & Kalisto to the fullest (Apr.1)

On Monday night our televisions were graced with the presence of Adrian Neville and Kalisto. These two competitors had success in WWE’s developmental system and were deemed fit enough to get called up. At this point in time we’ve only seen them compete in one televised match with the main card, so their future booking is still up in the air. As an avid fan I can’t help but think of the many possible angles that can be created for the NXT alumni.
 Adrian Neville (or just Neville)

I found it very strange that the WWE creative felt the need to drop his first name and go strictly with “Neville”. While it sounds odd to anybody that’s familiar with NXT, I can’t imagine it being an issue. Neville was never a charismatic individual on the mic, but he makes up for it with his wrestling abilities. His in ring talent is what will advance him further on the main roster, and the WWE needs to realize this in order to build on it. By having him speak less, he’ll be able to gain more popularity amongst the casual fan base. His first feud looks likely to be with Curtis Axel, which isn’t the worst idea. Axel has gained some momentum in terms of being noticed, and he should be rewarded with a feud such as this one. After Neville is done with Curtis he move up the card and be inserted into a program with the Miz. This type of feud would allow him to showcase his in ring product while the Miz carries the mic work. Then closer to June, he can be apart of the Money in the Bank ladder match, which would catch the attention of many people. He wouldn’t come out the winner, but it allows him to expand the amount of wrestlers he can work with. Then for the “biggest party of the summer” Neville can be placed in a program with Bad News Barrett. A feud with his fellow Englishman would push both of them to make it worth watching.

Kalisto (The Lucha Dragons)

The answer with Kalisto is simple, keep him in the tag team division for the rest of the year. At a time where many talented wrestlers are lost in the shuffle of the midcard, there is no need to rush any member of the Lucha Dragons into singles action. The luchador tag team has the look to attract young children and move tons of merchandise. There’s no doubt he’s the main superstar of the tag team, and this allows him to showcase his moveset without it getting stale. I don’t believe it would be a smart decision to have them feud with Tyson Kidd & Cesaro right away; they need to be built up slightly more. They’ve had awesome chemistry with the Ascension in the past, and that’s the team I think their first program should be with. Closer towards Money in the Bank, I would have this duo capture the titles for a lengthy reign.


 There’s no doubt that NXT will continue to fill the main roster with future stars, but it’s all about how the WWE handles them once they get to the big stage. They don’t necessarily have to book Kalisto and Neville this way, but a balanced approach similar to this would do wonders. I look forward to seeing them amaze us every week.

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