Wrestlemania Wrap Up – The Future is Now (Mar.30)

This year’s Wrestlemania was surrounded with tons of controversy. Fans felt that it didn’t carry a big feel, or maybe certain performers weren’t ready for the big times. Luckily for the wrestlers, this is the time to prove everybody wrong and show why they’re at the top of their game. I feel the WWE came out tonight and showed us why they’re the most dominant wrestling promotion in the world.

Fatal Four Way Tag Match

Just by watching the entrances, I was overwhelmed by the amount of wrestlers in this match. Having Kofi start the match was smart, he knows how to get a crowd engaged. The spot with Cesaro’s swing was great, I thought Kingston sold it very well. Jey Uso did a swell job at keeping up with the tempo of this match by adding in his own dose of excitement. On a side note, the Usos had the best attire. I think all of these men did a great job at working this clustered contest. Each spot was well timed and all superstars were coordinated. Getting the divas involved was a fun idea, it made everything much more entertaining. While I predicted the Usos to win, I was fine with Cesaro and Kidd retaining. This match wasn’t meant to be a technical masterpiece, but more of a spot fest to get the crowd going. Overall I enjoyed it for what it was.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

I thought I was overwhelmed by last match, but I completely forgot about this bout. Axel’s spot was comedic gold, I just wish he lasted longer. Why was Riley in this match? Isn’t he technically a NXT superstar? I felt Itami could have been eliminated by someone else, I was soured to see Big Show toss him. Ryback’s elimination of the Ascension was great, possibly the best toss out in the match. The spot between Cesaro and Show was quite poetic, considering how the match ended last year. After the big guy was done, it was obvious the rest of the match would be based around Mizdow. As predictable as the Mizdow turn was, it was still satisfying to watch. I‘ll admit, everything was intense towards the end. I’m fine with Big Show ending, because it’s not like this match matters that much, and we’re not getting ready for a big Sandow push.

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

Wade Barrett should have at least entered with his title. It feels like they’re intentionally trying to make him look weak. Stardust definitely had the best look out of all these men. Surprisingly, Ambrose was the most over one in this match. I loved how R-Truth started with a suicide dive, and it got me hooked. Once everybody followed him, I knew we were in store for a hectic match. Stardust’s drop kick to the ladder was absolutely brilliant and well sold by the others. It became difficult to keep up with the amount of spots in this match, but I guess that was the whole allure behind it. That superplex spot looked deadly, and was sold well by both Barrett and Stardust. I didn’t think Ambrose would take that powerbomb spot, I was very impressed. Also, Barrett’s bull hammer to Ziggler was the spot of the match, it just looked so natural. I was happy Bryan won, it seemed to be the only choice. Overall, this was a great match to put first because it got the crowd going.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton

I thought this match would happen much later. The matching outfits between J&J security and Rollins was beautiful, they might take outfit of the night in my opinion. The slow back and forth was a good way to start this match, it would be pointless to have Orton take full control right away. Rollins’ suicide dive was the best one of the show, it was very smoothly done. They continued to a back and forth with a slow pace, but this is necessary for building up the end of match. The moonsault spring board attempt was a good effort from Rollins, but unfortunately wasn’t executed too well.  I don’t understand why Orton tried the cross body, it just didn’t work out well. I knew Seth would kick out of the RKO, but Randy kicking out of the curbstomp was surprising. In confidence I can now brag about predicting Orton countering the curbstomp into a RKO. This might easily be the spot of the show, because of how fluidly it was executed by both men. This wasn’t exactly the match I predicted, but it wasn’t bad.

Sting vs Triple H

I really wish they would have used Sting’s old theme. While Sting’s entrance was good, Hunter absolutely stole the show with his terminator look. I must say, the vigilante looked great to start the match. He was very agile, and seemed familiar with the ring. Like the crowd said, Sting still had it. I didn’t think Hunter would get outworked that easily, but they needed to make Sting look like a threat. The bout was going very slow, even after 7 minutes, but that was Triple H carrying the match. Hunter eventually gained momentum, in order for Sting to capitalize later on in the contest. The DX run in was complete garbage, but they made up for it by having Sting execute an amazing cross body from the top rope.  There was no way this match was going to end with a pedigree. I thought the DX interference was bad, but it got worse by the NWO interference. I think they were trying their best to ruin a potential dream match. Also, didn’t Sting hate the NWO? Are Nash and Hall not part of the Kliq? I thought the match couldn’t get worse, but HBK decided to top off the interferences. All of the entrances distracted me from the many near falls, they didn’t even feel exciting. I didn’t think Hunter would win, but I hated the way he did win. This match felt more clustered than the ladder match.

Paige & AJ vs The Bella Twins

This match was already better than the last. Brie surprised me by landing a missile drop kick, I didn’t expect that but it was great. In fact, Brie managed to do very well on her own. Once Nikki stepped in, she showed us why she makes a great ring general. AJ and Nikki had some great in ring chemistry, and made there matchup much more exciting. After a while, I felt as if AJ was the weak link in this match. Paige should have at least landed the pin for her team.

John Cena vs Rusev

Well I was sold on Rusev’s entrance, he officially had the best one on the show. The match started off very quickly, and it didn’t miss a beat. They moved to their signature moves right away, but it was a way to create a new kind of tension we haven’t seen in the other matches. Cena’s legdrop was executed nicely, it’s been a while since we’ve seen it done that well. The super kick from the Bulgarian brute was awesome, it looked as good as a sweet chin music. The near fall after the Alabama slam was close, but obviously they wouldn’t end the match like that. I couldn’t believe Rusev dealt a top rope headbutt on Cena, he looked as good as Daniel Bryan. There were quite a few roll up attempts, but there was no way this contest was going to end like that. I figured Cena would counter the accolade into an AA, but he worked it another way. Overall I was happy with this match, it was well worked and entertaining. I can’t wait to see how the doctor of thuganomics elevates this title.

Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker

This contest had that big match feel to it. As a fan, this was the biggest bout for me. The initial meetup between the two was rather intense. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t mark out during the entrances. Taker looked great in this match, much better than last year. While this match started slow, it felt fast. The turnbuckle spot with Wyatt was effective. Bray was able to show how he had the speed advantage over Taker. The steel step spot wasn’t as good as it could have been. These two were better off fighting in the ring, where they were working magic. I’m not sure if Taker was hurt or if he was selling well.  I honestly enjoyed the Sister Abigail counter, I was done creatively. The tombstone was epic, and it felt satisfying to see it after so long. I was waiting for their signature taunts to be sychned, and when it happened, I thought it made for an awesome moment. To my surprise Taker took the win, I didn’t mind but I preferred Wyatt. They could have done a great moment with Wyatt giving Taker the kiss of death. The eater of worlds did an amazing job carrying the veteran in this match, and it’s an indication he’ll be headlining many Wrestlemanias to come.

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

It was evident, Brock was over, and more over than anybody else on this show. This match felt intense before it began. I couldn’t believe it started as fast as it did. Roman took a beating to start this match, and I was scared this would turn into a squash match. I didn’t like how Brock used the F5 right away, it cheapened his finisher. Reigns didn’t get any offense at the beginning of this bout. There wasn’t much to take from this match, as it only went one way during the start. Even the doubters of the juggernaut should admit that he sold this beat down perfectly, just as well as Cena did back in August .Once Roman picked up momentum this match picked up. It was already exciting to begin with, but this sequence made it much better. While it wasn’t technically sound, they told a story, which is what captivates every type of fan.

Seth Rollins

Well, this was expected, but I completely forgot that Rollins could enter the match. This felt as if it happened within a matter of seconds. I was enjoying the match but this interference made it much better. There was no better way to end the match than with Rollins leaving as the champion. From here they can go in multiple directions. Also, the champion is finally a full time star that can continue his reign on weekly television.


I enjoyed this show quite a bit. I think the WWE took a stale build up and turned it into something great. Normally less than stellar weeks of television lead to a terrible PPV, but WWE made sure they delivered on the grandest stage of them all. Just about every match went as well as I thought it would, except Hunter and Sting. Overall I give this show a 8.3/10, simply because it was good pro wrestling show.

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