Last Minute Raw Predictions (Mar.30)

Wrestlemania left us with many open endings in regards to tonight. This edition of Raw will feel like a new beginning and refreshing, even though many of the feuds will continue, but that’s the beauty of pro wrestling.

Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins/Brock Lesnar

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be getting a setup for Extreme Rules between these 3. I expect Rollins to open the show to brag about how he outsmarted Reigns and Lesnar. After this we’ll see Paul Heyman interupt him and discredit his win. This promo will most likely end with Roman chasing Rollins out of the ring. Brock won’t make an appearance to start the show, but he’ll be there for the main event to teach Seth a lesson. I predict the main event to be some sort of tag team bout including Rollins and Reigns.

Bray Wyatt

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure where they can take Wyatt from here. He’ll need a solid feud heading into the next PPV, but it needs to be setup with a person of credibility, just for him to regain some momentum he lost last night. Since he never wrestles on Raw, he’ll interfere during someone else’s match, and I expect that to be Ryback or Luke Harper. A feud with his former prodigy would definitely be entertaining and a neat way to show way Wyatt was once the leader of the family. This way they can tie him over until the other Mania feuds are done with.

Daniel Bryan/Dean Ambrose/Wade Barrett/Dolph Ziggler

I don’t think there’s a need to involve the other 3 for this feud, because it worked well for Mania, but they need to keep it more simple and amongst upper mid-card workers. My bold prediction for tonight is that Dolph Ziggler turns heel. That current spot in the show needs more strong heels and I think he’d make a great addition. Don’t be shocked if these men are inserted into single matches with each other.

John Cena/Rusev

There’s only one way this feud can go, and that’s a third match at Extreme Rules. I’m sure they won’t announce a stipulation until later on in April, but I know it won’t be a normal singles match. John Cena will cut a promo on this show, but Rusev will wrestle in order to show the fans he is still a threat. These next few weeks will be a make or break feud for the former US champion. WWE has done a great job at building him, and it’s now time for them to maintain his crediblity.

Triple H/Sting

After a clustered match at Wrestlemania, these two men have seemingly put aside their differences. I expect Hunter to be larger part in Rollins’ story line and don’t foresee him having another feud for a while. Sting on the other hand might cut a promo which could lead to him announcing his retirement. I felt the vigalante looked great last night and another match wouldn’t be the worst idea, but if he feels it’s time to hang up the boots I’m sure the fans will understand.

Finn Balor

Finn Balor will definitely make an appearance on tonight’s show, as he will be the new call up from NXT. Now I don’t expect him to be heavily involved with a major star right away, but he will make an impact. The smart decision would be to have him feud with Kane. They could also bring him and Neville up together for a tag team program.


After a great Wrestlemania, don’t expect the WWE to hold back tonight. Usually the Raw after Mania is the best and most impactful edition of the the year. While some of my predictions may not be true, I expect the results to be just as big.

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