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Wrestlemania 31 Predictions (Mar.28)

After an odd few months of build, we’re finally at Wrestlemania. This year is much more important than we think, because there’s tons of youth injected within the card. I’m feeling confident that we’ll be given some memorable matches. The matchups on this card look like they can deliver, and I think they will.


Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match (Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs The Usos vs Los Matadores vs The New Day)

To be honest, I would have preferred just a normal tag match because the only teams I care about are the Usos and Kidd & Cesaro. In no way am I putting down the work rate of the other two teams, it’s just that they’ve been irrelevant for the past few months. This match will be full of spots, which will most likely be tons of suicide dives and top rope cross bodies to the outside. These four teams are essentially in charge of warming up the crowd because they’re on the pre-show, so I do think it will be very entertaining. I’m predicting The Usos come out of this match with the Tag Team Titles. They’re the only ones consistently driving the tag division, and I think that Kidd & Cesaro might be destined for more.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (edit for NXT)

While there are quite a few superstars participating in this match, I believe there are only 3 favorites heading into this battle royal. My favorites for this contest are Ryback, Mizdow, and Hideo Itami. Of course only one of these men can win. Expect a huge spot between Miz and Mizdow, because it would be smart idea for the payoff to happen in this match. The former stunt double will receive a massive pop to get the fans excited .I’m 99% confident that Ryback will do the most damage in this free for all, just to make him seem like the powerhouse and favorite. While those men work on the large spots of the match, I predict Itami will surprise everybody and pull out the win. There’s no sense in adding a NXT superstar and not have him pick up the win. He’ll most likely eliminate Ryback for the upset win.

AJ Lee & Paige vs The Bella Twins

The build for this feud hasn’t been too large, but it’s been good enough for me to be excited. This match will easily get 10 minutes because of the entire “#givedivasachance” movement online. Paige, AJ, and Nikki will steal the show during this match, because they’ve had some decent chemistry in the past few weeks. The Bellas have had a solid reign of terror since December, so I’m predicting AJ and Paige will take the win.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Randy Orton has taken the past two weeks to teach Seth Rollins a lesson, and Rollins has taken every chance to avoid being in the ring with Orton. Out of all the singles matches, I believe this match could be the one to steal the entire show. Orton’s move set is full of fluid and powerful execution, while Rollins is the master of selling. The combination of these two is a recipe for a perfectly executed match. There will be many near falls, probably some interferences, but most importantly some explosive spots. Nobody has kicked out of the curb stomp yet, but expect Orton to be the first. Also, we haven’t seen an RKO come from a curb stomp reversal; I think we’re in store for that exact spot. Once the dust has settled, Rollins will go on to pick up a clean win. This outcome is the most probable one, but if Orton does win, expect Rollins to make appearance in the main event.

John Cena vs Rusev (US Title)

This will be one of the many matches to include an elaborate entrance, and not for Cena, but Rusev. There have been some rumblings that Rusev will get an entire Russian marching band, so they obviously plan on making him look strong. The Bulgarian Brute has had a solid run, but I’m afraid it will come to an end when he collides with the leader of the Cenation. This match will also be well worked, and will be done completely clean, unlike their last encounter. Cena’s big win will definitely come from him breaking the accolade, and dropping Rusev with a thunderous AA. In the short term, this may upset some fans, but in the long term, it elevates the status of the US Title. Also, while Cena put over Rusev in last month’s PPV, I don’t expect the company’s most profitable superstar to lose at Mania.

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

I hope this match gets placed in the middle of the card, just to keep fans into the show and on their feet. Expect this contest to be a complete spot fest, by some of the best workers in the company. Most of these men have acrobatic skills, but my prediction is that Ziggler will be involved in the largest. While my heart wants Bad News Barrett to pick up the win, I feel like the smart choice will be Daniel Bryan. Similar to the Cena picking up the US Title, I think Bryan will do the same for this championship. Also, I’m sure the WWE needs the crowd to be excited for the superstar that carries the best chant.

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

Chances are, both of these competitors will have elaborate entrances. Considering how both of them have a mysterious and spooky gimmick, it will add to the aura of their bout. I personally believe this is the toughest match to predict. Can Undertaker afford to lose another match? He has gone 21-1 at Wrestlemania, so there’s a chance another loss might not hurt him, although not everybody thinks that way. At the same time, what was the point of building Wyatt to this level if he can’t capitalize on the momentum? I think Taker will end his career at Wrestlemania 32, and my prediction is that Bray Wyatt picks up a clean win. In terms of work rate, I think the two men will put on a great show. Last year Taker looked slow because Lesnar’s a stiff worker, but that’s not how Wyatt works. The contest here will be worked slowly, and at pace that makes the dead man look good.

Sting vs Triple H

We haven’t seen Sting compete in quite some time, so I don’t know what to expect from him in terms of in ring work. If Hunter is anything like he was last spring, he’ll be able to carry most of the match and make it exciting. This will be Sting’s first match with WWE, so expect him to enter in a very grand way, and I’m predicting they use his old WCW song. If any match is going to have tons of near falls, I imagine it will be this one. Both of them will likely kick out of finishers, and possibly more than once. Don’t be surprised if Stephanie finds a way to interfere, but it won’t help Hunter. I predict Sting will pin Triple H after a grueling 15-20 minute match. The fans are excited to see Sting, there’s no way he jobs to Hunter in his first appearance.

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

While the build for this match has been less than stellar, I’m still excited. After years of watching the main event be taken by established stars, it’ll be awesome to see someone new in that spot light. The only thing I can’t predict is how Reigns will enter the match. If he comes through the audience, it might take him a while. Over the past few months, fans have doubted Roman, but I predict he’ll find a way to prove them wrong. Brock is heading into this match with a brand new contract, so he might be in the mood to put on the best match of his career. If they do happen to steal the show, I hope fans will appreciate it and cheer on. I’m predicting Roman to pick up the win, but not cleanly. As of late, Brock is starting to look like a babyface, and with his new contract I think they’ll take this route. Roman on the other hand has been less than favorable to the audience, so don’t be surprised if he makes a heel turn before he slays the beast.


Overall, this show is going to be pretty good. Many of us fans have complained about the lack of build, but we’ll probably be shocked with how much the WWE impresses us. The card is filled with more than competent workers who know how to make the crowd happy. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m pumped for Wrestlemania.

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