NXT Predictions – Wrestlemania Week Edition (Mar.25)

In a busy time for the main roster NXT has managed to stay relevant through this Wrestlemania week. I’m predicting that NXT can make a larger impact than we think. Not large as in interfering in one of the top matches, but large enough to make an impression. This can be one of the more important weeks for the brand and some of it’s top stars.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens

This match has the potential to be the best thing we’ve ever seen on NXT. Both of these men have honed their craft within different organizations, and have received praise from all parts of the world. The mark in me really prefers Finn Balor to win, because I do think he’s the next mega star in the making, but the smark in me has a feeling Owens will stand tall. Having Balor win the title only a month after Owens won it from Sami Zayn would be ludicrous and it would take some credibility away from the strap. By no means will Finn go down easy, in fact I think this will be a grueling test for both men. Kevin will finally be in a match that he cannot dominate, because his opponent has been built too strong to lose that way. I predict both of these competitors will hit all of their signature moves, and we might in for quite a few near falls. We haven’t seen Sami Zayn in quite some time, so don’t be surprised if Owens disqualifies himself, and gets beaten down by Zayn post match. After the dust is settled I don’t believe we’ll see Balor and Owens in the same ring for awhile, as I believe the Irishman’s time in NXT will be coming to an end.

NXT Tournament at Wrestlemania Access

WWE announced last week that there will be a tournament between Finn Balor, Adrian Neville, Tyler Breeze, and Hideo Itami at Wrestlemania Access. The winner of this tournament will get a chance to compete in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. From reading the announcement on WWE.com, it seems to me as if these 4 will be the only participants. They haven’t posted any brackets, but there’s a reason I make these prediction posts. This is how I believe they will set the matchups, and who will win:

Round 1  

Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze
Winner: Hideo Itami
Finn Balor vs Adrian Neville
Winner: Finn Balor

Round 2

Finn Balor vs Hideo Itami
Winner: Finn Balor  

I am predicting Finn Balor will win this tournament and make his Wrestlemania debut months after his NXT debut. I think Wrestlemania will mark the day the former Prince will get called up to the main roster, and will stay on the main roster. This man is too talented and charismatic to not include on the larger stage. Also I highly believe that Triple H will want his entrance to be apart of this year’s Mania. If he’s included in this year’s battle royal, they should let him win, but I won’t make that prediction until I release my Wrestlemania predictions on Saturday.

This doesn’t mean that Neville won’t also receive a call up in the near future, because they can still bring him to Raw after Mania. I wouldn’t defeat the purpose of the tournament, because that was a competition for entering a match a Mania, not Raw.


I took a chance this week to make a bold prediction, and I’d be really excited if it was true. There isn’t much happening in the undercard for NXT, but the WWE has given us a reason to care for their top tier NXT performers. The Owens-Balor match has already been built amazingly, and I’m sure they’ll do a great job in the tournament. I really hope they could air the tournament on the WWE Network, it would be a great way to get some eyes on the product.

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