Raw Predictions (Mar.23)

I imagine the WWE brass are under a lot of pressure heading into tonight’s show. The fans have expressed that the build hasn’t been the greatest, and I think WWE will find a way to win some people over after tonight. The key tonight is to keep everything simple, because most of the time it works.

Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar

After roughly 2 months, we’re finally getting the much awaited Lesnar-Reigns face to face confrontation. The only thing that can happen and should happen is Brock beating down Roman. This program has been based on the idea of Roman not being able to beat Brock, and they need to give the fans a reason to believe that. Chances are that Lesnar doesn’t go over at Mania, but he needs to look strong before heading into his inevitable loss. Paul Heyman has been pure gold on the mic these past few weeks, but I think tonight’s segment will be better than anything we’ve seen. Heyman needs to give the fans something to be excited for, and I think he will deliver.

John Cena/Rusev

We all know that Lana has been off TV to go shoot a movie, so there’s a chance she won’t be present tonight. This feud will rely solely on Cena creating the hype. Lately Rusev has gotten the short end of the stick during their interactions, so I’m predicting he’ll interfere in Cena’s match to look strong heading into Mania. Rusev has lost some momentum within the past couple of weeks and I think it’s time he gains it back.

Randy Orton/Seth Rollins

Randy Orton has been on the giving end of multiple beat downs on Seth Rollins, but I believe it’s time for Rollins to get Orton back before Mania. This feud will most likely be taken care of at the beginning and middle of the show. I predict that Orton will come out with a win against an Authority member, but he’ll be ambushed after the match. I wouldn’t even be shocked if he gets put through a table to really sell Rollins as a threat. Before all the drama occurs after this match, I’m predicting these two will open the show with a promo.

Triple H/Sting

Last week we were given the chance to see Sting in action alongside Randy Orton, and it was absolutely beautiful. My guess is that this feud will not be tied to the Rollins-Orton feud, but will be given it’s own promo in the last hour of the show. Sting cut a promo last week on the post show segment which aired on the WWE Network, but this week he’ll cut one with Triple H. I see this segment being more intense by a war of words, don’t expect it to get physical at any point.

Bray Wyatt/Undertaker

I think the WWE should do something big with this program, but I don’t think it’ll be much different from what we’ve seen. I’m predicting that Wyatt cuts another promo, and maybe we get some theatrical messages from the Undertaker. There might be a small chances that Taker will be here, because they are in LA and I’d imagine he’s going to be with the WWE crew for the week. In the case he does make a rare appearance, I don’t expect him to be in front of the camera for more than 5 minutes. Either way, I have enough confidence that Bray Wyatt will figure out a way to carry this feud into Mania.

Intercontinental Title 

Bad News Barrett has finally gotten his title back from the other competitors, and I predict he’ll head into the PPV with it. I also predict these men being involved in a other multiple man tag match, and maybe a short promo with Barrett insulting them. While I am excited for this feud here’s not much that can happen at this point. Having Barrett leave this show looking strong would be wise. Barrett needs to have his credibility rebuilt before Mania in order for him to appear as a favorite. My gut is telling me they’ll leave this segment with Bryan standing tall.


Tonight is going to be a big night for the WWE, because it’s the last Raw until Mania. It can be said that this Mania might not be the best built one, but I always believe the WWE finds way to get fans excited. My predictions were kept simple, but if they decide to keep things like this, they might just find success.


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