NXT Predictions (Mar.18)

This week we’ll be given a special edition of NXT because it’s the episode that was taped at the Arnold Classic. Not only does the venue make this show special, but also the fact it’s the first NXT show taped on tour. Since this will be a first in two different production aspects, I’m confidently predicting they’ll find a way to amaze the fans tonight.

Kevin Owens vs Alex Riley

Last week we found out that Alex Riley would finally get a shot at revenge against Kevin Owens, but I predict that tonight might not be his night. While Riley didn’t look too bad in his return match, there’s no way he gets past Owens. This will most likely be the main event, and considering that it’s a big episode, the contest will go the length. Once Owens is done beating Riley the show will end with him and Balor standing face to face to get us excited for next week’s NXT.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss

This match was advertised on the WWE Network, and I think we’ll be highly impressed with what we get. In no world would Alexa Bliss defeat Sasha Banks, because Sasha is currently on top of the NXT divas division. Bliss on the other hand is looking poised for a push, and she’s in her hometown, so I don’t think she’ll be squashed in way. If this were any other episode of NXT, I’d predict some sort of interference, but because this is a special show I think they’ll go with a clean finish.

Finn Balor

Balor didn’t make an appearance last week and because he’s one of the biggest stars of NXT, he’ll make an appearance tonight. I’m predicting Balor will be in a special match with none other than Adrian Neville. We haven’t seen the gravity defying man in quite some time, and I think he’ll make his last appearance on NXT in Columbus. This would be a great way of making Balor look strong before his match with Owens next week. As I mentioned above, he’ll most likely make an appearance after Owens match.

Baron Corbin

NXT will showcase their best on this road trip, and they’ll most likely showcase their next big project. It can be said that Corbin is the Roman Reigns of the NXT roster, so he’ll most likely find his way onto this show. I don’t think he’ll be competing with a jobber, that would just be a waste of time for this show. As of now, I’m predicting he takes on someone like Bull Dempsey. These two have wrestled in the past, but I wouldn’t put it past the writers and bookers to set this match once again. Personally I would prefer to see him feud with Solomon Crowe, but we might have to wait until they get closer to the next Takeover special.


The past few weeks of NXT haven’t been spectacular, but they haven’t been terrible. I think this week could be the NXT episode we’ve seen in 2015. The NXT brass knows that this show needs to be amazing, because it’s the first show they’ve taped on the road.

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