The Raw Prediction (Mar.16)

I feel as of late my posts are beginning to sound the same, but that`s probably because many of the feuds have just kicked off or stayed at the same pace. This week I hope they find a way to leave their audience amazed, in a good way. Last week as a whole was quite lackluster, and Smackdown didn`t make issues any better. As for this week, I`m still predicting for some feuds to deliver.

Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar

We won’t be seeing Brock Lesnar this week because he only has 1 more Raw appearance left on his contract. This can only mean Roman and Paul Heyman will have to carry this feud into next week’s Raw. The WWE really missed out on having a Reigns-Lesnar confrontation last week, and it’s going to be tough moving forward without any new material. I felt the promo from Mark Henry really worked for this feud, so I’m predicting a match between these two where Roman will stand dominant. Also expect another 5 star promo from Heyman, as he has been on fire lately.

Randy Orton/Seth Rollins

Randy Orton has finally flipped the switch, and turned on Seth Rollins last week. While the build for his turn was less than stellar, I’m confident the two can get fans excited for their match at Wrestlemania. Randy did explain his action on a taped promo that aired on Smackdown, but I predict he’ll regurgitate the same promo tonight. Along with this, he’ll be wrestling someone from the Authority, most likely Kane or Big Show, possibly both. During this match Seth will attempt to interfere, but he will scurry away because he can’t take on Orton. I don’t imagine Rollins giving Orton a beat down until the Raw before Mania.

Bray Wyatt/Undertaker

Last week Bray Wyatt cut an amazing promo, and WWE showed why they do a great job at creating larger than life characters. Undertaker will not be making an appearance tonight, but because his theatrics are so iconic, they’ll make it seem as if he is trying to scare Wyatt. Similar to recent episodes of Raw, Wyatt will cut a promo on what happened last week, but he’ll be interrupted by a message from Taker. We could potentially see Bray become paranoid as Taker plays mind games with him.

John Cena/Rusev

John Cena has finally gotten Rusev to give him a rematch at Mania, but only after he embarrassed the Bulgarian brute. I was shocked they would let Rusev look that weak, but in my eyes it didn’t hurt his character too much. For tonight, I predict that Rusev will find a way to get revenge on Cena, and it will be through a typical beat down that leaves Cena unconscious. If this does happen, they’re only hurting this feud’s momentum. This does seem like the predictable scenario, but I hope they find a creative way for Rusev to get his revenge. I’ve been saying for a while that they should involve Hogan, but any other patriotic legend would do fine in this role.

Triple H/Sting

Sting sent a message to Hunter last week with an odd video package. As I mentioned in the Raw Rollup, it had great substance, but it could have been done better. This week I’m predicting Triple H to respond. It won’t be a generic promo, or anything like his last few, and I think he can potentially steal the show with his words. Hunter knows he’s carrying this feud on his own, so he needs to make the most out of it and give it a solid build.

Intercontinental Title

This entire angle has been rather bizarre, and it’s tough to figure out the direction. I think tonight we’ll see some much needed drama from the participants in this match, considering there was some name calling on Smackdown. Now that we know all the wrestlers involved don’t get along, they can begin to book more matches. I predict we’ll see Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan square off in singles competition. They also might get a promo segment together, so that Bryan can possibly redeem himself from Ambrose’s harsh comments.


Coming off a lackluster week, the expectations for Raw are not very high. Last week`s Raw managed to further certain story lines, but they didn`t really captivate their audience. With only 2 Raws left, they need have their audience raving about something, or else this build will feel like we`re heading into TLC rather than Wrestlemania. While my expectations are low, I always feel that the superstars will find a way to deliver, because it`s what they do best.

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