NXT Predictions (Mar.11)

Tonight’s edition of NXT will be should an important one, because it’s their chance to create some momentum for other feuds. The couple of shows have focused around 2-3 feuds, and even then, only one has had proper build. As normal, the superstars of Full Sail will steal the show with their matches, and hopefully create some more drama for their loyal audience.


Kevin Owens/Finn Balor/Alex Riley

Owens and Balor are set to square off on March 25, leaving me with one question, where does Sami Zayn fit in? This program is becoming increasingly harder to predict, but I’m not complaining. As of late Owens has been watching Balor in various matches, but this week that will change. I’m predicting that Alex Riley gets his match against CJ Parker, which he’ll obviously win. After the match Riley will call out Owens but will result in an Owens beat down. While Riley is in the process of being manhandled, Balor will make the save which will cause Owens to flee the ring.

Hideo Itami/Tyler Breeze

Similar to a few weeks ago, Itami will compete in a match only to be attacked by Breeze. This time I’m predicting Itami will get the upper hand and remain standing tall over NXT’s resident super model. As for who Itami will face, it will most likely be some jobber just so they can get to the main angle right away. If Brian Kendrick is still around, I think a match against him would be more than ideal. Those 2 have the potential to put on a great match, and possibly close the show if done right.

Divas Division

Sasha Banks will cut a promo backstage in regards to her amazing win against Charlotte last week. She’ll let the other Divas know that she is in fact the queen of the division while she goes on to degrade them. Since Charlotte is no longer the number one contender, expect them to hold a mini tournament or a triple threat match to decide Sasha’s next challenger. There’s been rumblings about Alexa Bliss making her way back to NXT television, so it wouldn’t shock me if she had to lock horns with Becky Lynch & Bayley.

Blake & Murphy/ Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Last week we witnessed Enzo and Big Cass send the tag champs a message, which wasn’t pleasant. I think they’ll continue to exchange messages like this until the finally face each other. Lately jobber tag teams have been the thing for this week tag division, so I imagine that the two New Jersey natives will have their way with some rookies. It’s a shame this program hasn’t been given any more depth, because the cheap insults are starting to become redundant.

Solomon Crowe

NXT’s latest edition has been a breath of fresh air since his arrival. Last week we saw him face Bull Dempsey, and this week I’m predicting that the two begin a new feud. This is just the direction I see them headed towards, because Crowe needs a heel he can over to gain some momentum. Personally, I’d love to see him involved in a program with Baron Corbin.


This has to be the first time in a while that NXT hasn’t had much going on in terms of feuds. The only strong and consistent programs have been the first two I listed in this post. If the next Takeover special is any time soon, I expect this show will find a way to pick up the pace.

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