The Raw Prediction (Mar.9)

Some feuds are moving faster than others, but I think by the end of tonight we’ll be in the “fast lane” to Wrestlemania. Most of the angles have caught fire already, all we need is a couple of them to explode into action. Normally I don’t predict Raws to be bland, and I won’t begin tonight .It will definitely help that they’re in Pittsburgh, which tends to be a more rowdy bunch.


Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar

Last week we were deprived of seeing our current WWE champion, but this week I’m sure he’ll be around to further his feud with Roman Reigns. At this point we’ve only seen the two interact through a sit down interview and Heyman promos, but I think it’s time they interact physically. For tonight I’m predicting that Roman will be on the receiving end of a Brock beat down. It won’t take place at the start but most likely at the end of the show. I foresee the big dog winning in the main event, but being ambushed by the beast incarnate .This entire feud has been about Reigns being an underdog, and I think it’s time they play on this angle.

John Cena/Rusev

For a feud I thought would have had more build, they’ve seemed to put this on the slow burner. I predict tonight we finally get Cena to force Rusev into a match at Wrestlemania. Rusev will find a way to anger John, but in return he’ll receive a beating. He’ll manage to get in Rusev’s head to the point where explodes. Since this isn’t the main feud, I expect this to happen in the middle of the show in order to keep us excited and tuned in .At this point I don’t believe he’ll work the Hogan angle, because it would have happened already.

Seth Rollins/Randy Orton

The build up for this feud has been driving me crazy. I know I said Cena`s feud has been moving slowly, but this one has been moving at a snail`s pace. Last week I predicted that Orton would finally snap into a fully fledged babyface, and I`m predicting the same thing for tonight. After tonight there will only be two Raws left until Mania, so this match needs to be set. Based on timing alone, this is the perfect and only time to do this turn before they begin to cut it close. Rollins and Orton already have tension between them, and once they feud the can continue the angle for weeks.

Triple H/Sting

I have a feeling we won’t see Sting until the week before Mania, so I’m predicting that Hunter will cut another promo to keep this program going. If it were any other superstar, this feud would have become boring, but Hunter’s promos have been amazing and effective. I believe we’ll get another Hunter promo, but there will be an interruption from a Sting video, sending him a message. The promos for this feud have so far have included former WCW stars, and I assume they’ll do the same for tonight, but I just can’t figure out who they’ll use .Unless Sting show’s up, there’s nothing more they can do but this.

Undertaker/Bray Wyatt

This feud is bound to pick up tonight because Bray has now gotten his hands on the Undertaker’s urn. I was shocked they revealed this on Smackdown, I thought it would have garnered a better reaction on Raw. Since Bray has possession of the urn, I’m predicting an Undertaker return. The dead man will finally give us his answer when he makes his way to the ring to face Wyatt .Personally, I think this would be a great way to open the show because it would keep everybody tuned in and highly interested.

Intercontinental Title

Now that we’ve officially gotten all of the contestants involved, I predict we’ll see multiple interactions throughout the night between them. As it stands, Stardust currently holds the strap, but it won’t be for long. The championship will be thrown around like the Hardcore title it is, but on this night I believe Daniel Bryan will leave with it. The more others get involved, the more entertaining this angle becomes, and it was evident on Smackdown.


At this point of the year, WWE doesn’t have much room for error, especially when it comes to execution. I imagine they’ll be on point with every angle and feud, meaning we won’t be subjected to any nonsense that doesn’t further angles. Like most Raws these past weeks, I’ll predict the WWE follows through and delivers us an amazing show.

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